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The Worms

inspired by Charles Bukowski “Burning in water. Drowning in flame” I sit among the worms
 Telling myself: this world is upside down
 And tomorrow When I wake up Everything that stinks and crawls inside of my head Will die. I sit and wait. My heart is hanging from the mouth for so long It has forgotten how to behave when the hunger begins and the sorrow eats you up. Just disturbing, you...

Ape and God

(a poem by Poetic Murderer)  An ape once in the jungle Awoke to a weird question “What is life”, it thought, And instantly was human. In many ways an ape still It copied things it saw, And sought to understand Their bizarre nature. Inventing fire as to burn Bright like the midday sun; Tools sharp as tiger’s claws And boats to roam the seas. Not satisfied with its creations The...