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Left Hand Clara (part 2 & 3)

Part 1 – click here to read * * * The safe house is dirty, cramped and right next to the sewers, but so is Imee’s old home.  RSP (Revolutionary Society of Philippines) is only a public front in forms of protesting students and anti-government publications. Or so it seems in the beginning. They do have a theme colours though – black & red – to signify the bloody revolution...


…within covers with pages of printed letters

I’m sharing a poem of Tomas Tranströmer today (translation: Robin Fulton). I’m checking a lot of poetry books lately, because I’m planning to publish my own book/poems Legs: A Global Perspective on Society (October).  Alone I have been walking for a long time on the frozen Ostergotland fields.  I have not seen a single person. In other parts of the world  there’re people who are born, live and die in...