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“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 7 – Goe #privatejournal

Reminder: A group of six (Pain, Bou, Mimo, Alma, Ichi and Goe) has been send to Pearl, the ninth planet. Humans (both advanced and primitive) hope to find a new planet suitable for living and breathing outside. The group of ‘advanced’ humans (Cash, Alexis and Ola) is on the way to Pearl. Goe, Ichi and Alma are spending most of the time inside of space shuttle, while waiting the arrival of Cash’s team.  Pain and Bou are...

Almost ready!

Sharing the book cover for my “Absurd Stories”. It’s simple, black and white, kinda minimalistic, but with a lot of details. I still have to format the text… and then – publish.  I scheduled 5 posts. I’ll get back 15-16 January with a new blogging plan for two weeks ahead (will be posted on the page ‘About Ray’) and chapter 5, “The Pearl”.  Next post, today – Book Review “The Silent Dead”