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Genius has no limit of sex or race

I’m going to post 2 times today. My second post will be the last story about the doors (I remember I promised three stories. One was about Romeo/Juliet, second – about Rat/Spider) and the third will be about usual family 🙂 Yesterday I’ve ‘met’ an amazing writer – Olive Schreiner. […]

If I ever had the muse…

The post inspired by Ubiquitousburrito Blog Check here We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. Goethe The muse is a person who serves as an artist’s inspiration. Usually it is a female. And often it is the abstract concept of inspiration. What is it about an attractive (intriguing) woman […]

What is most personal is most universal

I wanted to write a post about “Too many things about myself and my family”, but then I read an article of called “On Truth and Consequences in Blogging”. And I’ve changed my decision. But still I can write about something I like, the way I am and how I see […]


Are you tired today? Of course you are. Just like me. And all 7,485,784,512 of us.  My question is simple – WHY? Why are you tired when you are planning your work? Why are you tired while working? Why are you still tired when you are not working at all? […]