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Ride your life-cycle!

Life is a cycle (the earth is going in cycles, the moon, etc), and most people keep repeating the same cycles in different scenery all the time. You as a body (your physical life) -> know, that you are moving closer to the grave = that means you know where […]

Kinda the girl I am…

“Isn’t it strange that in order to be happy we have to ignore all the sadness in the world at that moment? Isn’t it strange that in order to be happy we have to unremember a lot of what we already know?” Kamand Kojouri Because I’m lazy I’m going to write this quick post. […]

Silence is loud…

Inspired by the pictures of the doors, from The Mexi Movie Blog. Check her new doors HERE Every essay, like every good poem, should have a dark and silent place in it. Kazim Ali. Silence. You always think there’s nothing there. 
But there’s always ‘something’ there, something huge and real. There […]