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Nari – ‘two-coloured ghost’

Excerpt (first draft) from my upcoming book for children (6-9 yo) “The Adventures of ghost Nari”. x x x “Do I look like ballerina?” Nari asked her mom. Blue pancakes smeared with yellow jam magically arrived on her plate. Her mom was a real witch when she cooked for her little girl.  Nari was a ghost. A rare ghost with two colors: pink and teal. She lived with her mother under the Boo Bridge, in the...


Female demons of Ancient Japan

!! As you know the Kingdom (and demon) at the core of ‘Ninth Planet’ in The Pearl Territory is called Mara. I have no idea why I’ve chosen that name, but then I googled… and found out: x x x  Japanese folklore humors us with stories and tales about scary, powerful demons and monsters that represent EVIL and are set out to terrorize humans that do wrong in their lives. Fictional or not, Japanese Buddhists firmly believe...