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“The Pearl Territory”, chapter 2

Chapter 1 is here – Chapter 1 (as a word document, at the end). Chapter 2 Mars is divided in 9 “circles” (or regions): Circle SciTech Circle Energy Circle FoodFarm Circle Impro (studying, teaching, learning) Circle BioMed Circle Junk Circle Rulers Circle Casso (artistic) Circle Seeds (kids; keeps separately) Each circle has a leader. Every week, the…

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Stronger than iron bars

Today is 29 November – the day of Confetti and Kindness! Nope, I’m not kidding. So whatever you are choosing – it is right! “Kindness is stronger than iron bars.” Margaret George  “Why confetti?” you’d ask. Because ‘confetti’ is a sign of Happiness and Love! And it makes us smile! If there’s confetti on the…

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