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“Trust me, I am nuts!” Cass van Krah

“You’re impossible,” she told him. “Of course I am,” he answered. “It’s part of my charm.” David Eddings So I was nominated for an “Awesome Blogger Award”. There’s no doubt I am awesome! So thanks for a reminding me that one more time, Floating Thoughts of Roy, check the blog CLICK  […]

Zoo “Heaven”

I’d like to start this post with a story from “A Writer’s Workbook”: “One afternoon I was sitting at home staring at a wall and decidedly not writing when I received a telephone call. This particular call was from my good friend Joe, himself a writer. As it turned out, […]

Silence is loud…

Inspired by the pictures of the doors, from The Mexi Movie Blog. Check her new doors HERE Every essay, like every good poem, should have a dark and silent place in it. Kazim Ali. Silence. You always think there’s nothing there. 
But there’s always ‘something’ there, something huge and real. There […]