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5 Secret Ingredients for Creating the Perfect Villain

Written by Nathaniel Postell The unrelenting insanity of the Joker’s laugh comes to mind when contemplating a truly memorable villain. An individual starkly contrasted to the heroic attempts of his caped counterpart, yet… oddly similar in their resolve to accomplish their vision against all odds. What secret ingredients make a perfect villain perfect? Read on and find out. #1 Motivation Compelling characters possess an inherent relatability. Heroes are often written...


Chunky Burger, 18+ (humorous absurd horror story)

PART 1 Heroes: Mr. DareToKill – co-owner of Chunky Burger restaurant Mr. CruelMemories – co-owner of Chunky Burger restaurant Mrs. WetHope – cleaner and account Mr. FlashOfSexBrilliance – a rich mogul Mr. WideOpenMind – secretary of Mr. FlashOfSexBrilliance Mrs. PromiseOfLove – wife of Mr. WideOpenMind Mr. AgainstTheRules – a drug dealer Place: a small town “PerfectlySafeStop.” x x x Being the owner of a business has its rises and downfalls....