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It’s all a Lie

I’m going to post a story (a bliss? noooo way..wait for it). It’s written in russian but translated by me today (I’m lazy and I’m bad at it, but enjoy). I guess it’s some kind of a teen fiction. I honestly never thought about a genre before today lol. So […]

Russian riddles for kids (logic)

All are from my childhood. They doesn’t exist anymore 🙂 #picturesriddles  All answers will come tomorrow morning in the new post about…mmmm, its a SECRET :)), but go ahead and try to write your own answers today. The answer is inside of the picture (sometimes). There’s a castle. A beautiful […]

The song, the book, the balloon

Everything has started with the song. When I’m going out for a walk with my dogs I’m usually singing the song to them. Mostly-a bunch of names (kinda weird, but easy to remember) mixed with the absolutely crazy things in the dog-world …like “drinking beer” and some silly questions “where […]

To the last drop…

Pump the blood out… Let the fury inside of you destroy the tenderness of soft and glimmer skin. Take all fluid you can, With bitter sorry smile. Don’t stop your ‘hunger’ On the half-way of the heartbeat. We don’t belong together… Yes, I know. Because Your sphere is the only […]