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Here I am :)

I’ve decided to finish my “poetical 1-week-story” called “GREEN CAT”. If you haven’t read it – click here and check. If you “can’t get” it (tooooo MODERNISTA for your taste) – read my short explanation in this post: JUST DO IT.  I’d advice you to start to read from the […]

Green Cat

Inspired by Olga Ravn “Den vita rosen” (The white rose) Day 1. The tea is waiting, spicy, brown and ageless. Cool room. Cough. Smile. Sipping the rest of my words. I know you are dreaming about the big red cat. Fluffy. Smelly. Sofa is medium hard. There’re no red cats. […]

Zoo “Heaven”

I’d like to start this post with a story from “A Writer’s Workbook”: “One afternoon I was sitting at home staring at a wall and decidedly not writing when I received a telephone call. This particular call was from my good friend Joe, himself a writer. As it turned out, […]

Silence is loud…

Inspired by the pictures of the doors, from The Mexi Movie Blog. Check her new doors HERE Every essay, like every good poem, should have a dark and silent place in it. Kazim Ali. Silence. You always think there’s nothing there. 
But there’s always ‘something’ there, something huge and real. There […]