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“Discovery”, 18+ 

Place: Village “NoBodyCanSaveYou” Heroes: Mr Discovery – unemployed Mr Schwartz StuckInGear – curious neighbour Mr OneMoreTime – golf lover Mrs VastCockCrash – his wife Mr DisastrousWrap – Japanese tourist Ms EasyTunnelOfLove – horny alien Mrs IncrediblySmelly – old woman x x x Mr. Discovery lived a quiet life in a small village called “NobodyCanSaveYou”, twenty…

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#coolprompts ‘Uguisu no Sato’

#coolprompts 13 November – 18 November  ‘Uguisu no Sato’ The expression “Uguiso no Sato” illustrates the Japanese sense of beauty: physical and emotional. Create a story, a poem, flash fiction (text, any genre) that reflects some of Japanese virtues: Beauty Compassion Patience  To participate: post a story, poem or flash on your blog, tag the post –…

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