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A Hero’s Funeral

5 Ways to Kill Your Hero Death is inevitable. Even for our most beloved heroes. Finding a fitting final fate for our friends can be a writer’s greatest challenge. Fear not, to end your suffering we have compiled A LIST 😲 of cool ways to end your heroes misery, or life. Your heroes can finally say goodbye to this cruel world, the world you created specifically to make them dance while pulling...


Left Hand Clara (part 1)

Info: Shabu is the term for crystal meth in the Philippines. It is the drug of choice for 90% of the Filipino drug users. Shabu is commonly made from cheap medicines containing ephedrine. Police in the Philippines say that Shabu is often made in industrial style labs capable of producing over 1 ton per day. Rizal Park s one of the largest urban parks in Asia/Manila/.  Imee  – the meaning...


7 Cool Destinations For Your Novel

Guest post by Peter Manley (click to check website) Sure, having interesting characters and a compelling storyline are extremely important, but the setting where your story takes place is equally important, or even more important in some cases. Think about it: if your story takes place in a middle-class home in Virginia with no interesting details about it, your book will more than likely be a drag from the start. Even...