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Life isn’t simple. Writing shouldn’t be either.

Message of the day:  You are the swan… The infinite creative power and The god of sensitive mystic. Believe in yourself and write on!   1. The first draft of ‘Sophia von X’ is ready! 😜 YAY! I know you are REALLY excited to meet my girl, especially when you are looking into her eyes…😻  This is the story about transformation of a simple Sicilian woman (f. teacher) into a very Dangerous Criminal (& the...


The journey from the head to the hand

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. Kurt Vonnegut Yes, I slipped out. Again. It feels OK though. The thing is – writing (or blogging) should be fun, otherwise I don’t see the point… Any activity should bring joy, and if it doesn’t – do something else. That’s Ray’s rule.  Switch off – switch on.  I never wanted (or...


…within covers with pages of printed letters

I’m sharing a poem of Tomas Tranströmer today (translation: Robin Fulton). I’m checking a lot of poetry books lately, because I’m planning to publish my own book/poems Legs: A Global Perspective on Society (October).  Alone I have been walking for a long time on the frozen Ostergotland fields.  I have not seen a single person. In other parts of the world  there’re people who are born, live and die in...