Summer Waves

ALMOST FAITHFUL – a tantalizing taste of the true story, with a splash of forbidden romance, fast and spine-chilling, with three murders and three suicides, without gore or horrific descriptions and with a happy ending.

As always, the main word is FAST 😉☝️+ engaging, sketchy, trashy, compact, commercial.

Pre-order: 0.99  Amazon US  Amazon UK

The eBook’s price 0.99 during summer 2021 

Paperback (236 pages): 9.99 (USA); 8.99 (EU); 7.99 (UK) from 11th July 2021

I keep the paperback prices low because I’m a paperback hoarder and hope people will buy them instead of digital copies.

 I’m going to publish only one more book this year – in December 2021 – because the following year, 2022, I’m taking time OFF. I need a break, to rest from a constant rush ‘to publish more books.’ But I’ll read and run my blog as usual. ☕️📚🤓

Of course, I plan to continue writing The Story of Harmless Bullet (via blog), which I’ll transform into a detailed diary and publish later. We are on day 16, with 50 days (chapters) to go until the end… 1 chapter a week = 50 weeks = 11 months! 😱

I recommend checking this interesting article – Magnanimity: The Balm for Our Brutalized Public Discourse

I hope you all are feeling well! 🔆📚🤓
Go out, enjoy the gift of summer –
berries, fruits, greens, animals, birds, sea, sun!

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