Stronger than iron bars

Today is 29 November – the day of Confetti and Kindness! Nope, I’m not kidding. So whatever you are choosing – it is right!

“Kindness is stronger than iron bars.”
Margaret George 

“Why confetti?” you’d ask. Because ‘confetti’ is a sign of Happiness and Love! And it makes us smile! If there’s confetti on the floor – you had a productive day.

Add it to your face and see what will happen…😂

I finished reading “Heir of Ashes”, written by Jina S. Bazzar. I’ll post my review tomorrow evening. But because may dog Daisy is still recovering from surgery I can’t promise 100%. In any case I’ll post it until the end of this week.
Here is my dog Daisy, day #One after the surgery:

I bought my first eReader – ‘Kobo One’ and I’m officially starting to read all my books digitally. My house was overflowed with books, so I had to find a solution to keep it…not SO dusty and not SO crowded. 

I also became a member of library in Malmo and Gothenburg, because I can borrow books online only from those two places (in case if you don’t know, I’m living far away from Malmo – 6 hours driving). Ah, internet, my savior!
First snow is here too. The trees looks beautiful: 

Here you can see HOW hard my (or any) editor should work with my texts: 

Today I have a lesson in japanese. I have to count to 100…God help me! Ah, I feel like I’m falling down, down, down… from the best student to “go stay in the corner, Ray”. 

Also I watched a couple of movies/series and I’d recommend (if you have a free or flu time): “Transfers” (french crime with sci-fi elements, 1 season), “Midnight Sun” (swedish-french crime tv show, 1 season), BBC documentary about women in Russia (from Stacey Dooley) and The Truth about Harry Quebert Affair (crime-romance tv show, plus the hero is a writer).

My “share” of the day is here:

  1. PSBarbosa  – “Twilight’s End”, flash fiction/short story
  2. James Harrington Blog  – Why NO direct sequels? 
  3. Dronstad  he is writing really cool military sci-fi, knows EVERYTHING about Mars lol and need your support! Visit his post and become one of the commanders! 

At the end: stop looking for flaws and spread some kindness around you or…confetti! 🙂

Next post – Book Review “Heir Of Ashes”


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    • U doing a lot of writing and editing…I didn’t write a word whole week lol only posts 🙂

  1. Wishing Daisy a speedy and painless recovery.
    How does it feel to read from the device? I am so accustomed to holding that book in my hand.
    Now, with my vision problems I have stopped reading and it kills me. Will buying a reader help
    me with that?

  2. I love confetti!!!!!!! I’m going to have to go with the paper stuff, though. Like those little dots when you use the hole puncher. Although, I have found glitter to be lovely. :o) Granted, 1/2 a tsp of the latter will last a year or more!

    • I’d go for paper confetti as well 🙂 ah, when it falls – it’s spreads happiness 🕺💃💃

  3. AH! I’ve iBooks and Storytel, and some other Readers I’d forgotten all about, So much better than dusty, crowdy…. whatever. 😉

    • 😮 wow so many readers? I had difficulty to fix Kobo One …lol I don’t know I had to connect to Adobe Digital Editions (never heard about it) via laptop to …authorize it. Lots of hassle.

      • I guess there are a lot of Readers out there. Don’t use any other than iBooks since it comes easy togethter with Apple, since I have MacBookPro, an iPad and an iPhone. Don’t have to mess around with any downloading and such.

      • Yes, as far as I know there’re a lot of Kindles eReaders. Im just focused on something good for the eyes (I have a very bad sight already, eh 😕). I use iBooks too, but I think reading on IPad in the evening – a bit difficult sometimes

      • I like to read, and do other things, on the iPad. Also in the evenings. No! Particularily in the evenings! Built-in light, you know. 😀
        When on iBooks I choose larger fonts and not the white background. I find that easier on the eyes. My sight isn’t the best either.

      • I hate it when I push the wrong button…
        Storytel is easy to get since you too live in Sweden. Mostly books for listening too, but there are also those you can read. We have a family account there, me, one of my daughters and her three kids. Awesome!

      • Lol 😂 me too…I googled, read reviews & decided it’s best for the eyes, but we’ll see. It’s very diff from Kindle.

      • HAHAHA! I havn’t tried Kindle either!!!
        Nor never bought a special device for reading only. I can read on all these three I already have!

  4. Nice post and great suggestions as usual🤓
    Big big hug to poor daisy ,hope she gets better soon.
    I have my kindle for 6 years now and I love it,it’s brilliant to travel and to save but I still buy printed book and every year I promise myself to throw some away but I never do it and Ikerp accumulating.
    Hope you ll be more disciplined than me with digital books😉😘

    • 6 years? Wow u r one modern girl! Ok, I’m not sure how it will work for me, because I bought Kobo and it doesn’t work with kindle mmmm, I probably should buy Kindle. Anyway, I have to try and see first…and I’ll ask at the local library what I can do with the books – maybe they’ll give me advice

      • School fairs….there are always plenty of books wanted for sale or second hands shop .this is how I get rid of my girls’ ones ….now need to start with mine and the traveling husbands’😬

      • Haha yes, I think it’s possible (we always can keep tho those we really love to re-read 😂)

      • I must say I love paper but kindle is great also to discover new authors beside mine is a dinosaur but the latest models,the so called paperwhite they are like reading a primed book.i gave one to my mom for her birthday and she loves it

      • Oki, then – time to move to the light lol or progress 🙂 Digital Readin …something for us, yo! 🕺💃🤓🌍

  5. Good grief…there is a lot in this post!! I tried an e reader and got fed up with it because the e reader editions did not have graphs and maps and illustrations. And that is all I have to say at this point in time. Cheers Ray!

    • ok, it was interesting.. I’ll see how it goes for me (with eReader), never used. Always been too old – fashion 🙂

  6. Hey sexy Ray,
    Did I miss a couple of posts? I’ll have to go back and check.
    I hope your doggy feels better. A big hug from me. I have a soft spot in my heart for doggies. Lost mine of 11 years a couple of years ago now. Miss him very much.

    I’ve been to Malmö! I loved it there, everyone is so lovely.

    Hope you’re well.
    Hugs ❤️

    • dont worry about posts. I probably typing too much lol Sexy? me? hahaha
      my dog is getting better, but I can’t go out as I usually do, someone always have to sit with her. Today it will be my husband (when he get back from his shopping tour)…
      Never been in Malmo lol too far I guess haha

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