Squirrel – love

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Daughter: Daddy, daddy, Henry killed a squirrel.
Dad: Well done, my boy!
Henry: Not a big deal.
Daughter: But isn’t it a bad thing – to kill?
Dad: Yeah, it is.
Daughter: Can I kill a squirrel?
Dad: Girls should cook squirrels, not kill.

Mother is entering the kitchen.

Daughter: Mum, Henry killed a squirrel!
Mum: Doesn’t surprise me. Your dad killed my squirrel years ago…
Dad: Hey, don’t listen to your mum, Henrietta (to daughter). And, sweet momma, you wanted to (to his wife). 
Mum: Really? Did I ask you, Larry?
Dad: Didn’t you? I remember those squeaky leather boots, nice song on the wet grass…squeaky squeakily squeak! Haha
Daughter: I don’t understand, mum.
Mum: Go play outside, Henrietta. I have to talk with your daddy. 

The girl is playing outside. Local priest is passing by.

Priest: Hey, Henrietta! What a wonderful Sunday! Where’re your mum and dad? I have missed you all at the service!
Daughter: Everything is fine, pastor Sonny! Henry killed a squirrel this morning.
Priest: Wow, busy day, busy day.
Daughter: Daddy is trying to kill mum’s squirrel now. So if we’ll get two – you are welcome to join us for dinner…

Sound behind the door: squeak – squeak – squeak

x x x

Being a squirrel
is tough. But if you have ‘nuts’ –
Problems are solved.

x x x


x x x

A quote:

“When squirrels get hungry, they stand their ground.” Anthony T. Hincks

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  1. Waaa haaa haaa! This was hilarious Ray. Where does this come from? When I was a teenager back in early American history, if we saw a girl’s underwear we would tell our friends, hey today I shot Betty Lou’s squirrel. If a boy dressed up and wore cologne to take his girl out we called him squirrel bait. I thought this only occurred in small towns in rural America. It’s very interesting that this language is alive and well living abroad. Now, I will dream of squirrel hunting all night.

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