‘Spin a Story’ Challenge 

It is also called ‘the wheel’ (the original name) and have been used even by Benjamin Franklin. 


  1. Pick any book, newspaper, or magazine. 
  2. Choose 3 random words (best if with your eyes closed). 
  3. Create a story by using those 3 words or combinations of words. Give the name to your story, poem, flash fiction – if you like (not obligatory).
  4. The style and the genre of the writing – any.  
  5. Pingback to my post (any post), so I can read and comment.
  6.  Nominate up to 5 blogs. Have fun!

My example (or how to play): 

1. I’ve used the book I haven’t read yet ‘A woman Looking at Men Looking at Women’, Siri Hustvedt

2. My random words:
‘that early trauma’
‘L. Craighero’
‘describing facts’ 

3.  Story

‘Anatomy of Mind’

Two in the room.
– This is no kindergarten fairy tale, but an extremely true story, – added
L. Craighero at the end.
– I understand that, – slowly answered the man in the white robe, – but your story concerns Mussolini and Don Quixote, Mr. Craighero. I think you are creating an imaginary world in which you are a legendary warrior, fighting Mussolini and saving, let me check her name…

The man in the white robe flipped through the pages of his old dirty notebook:
– …yes, of course, here it is – 
‘saving Angelina Jolie‘. In reality, my dear, you are an old retired gentlemen. That early trauma, we spoke about it yesterday, if you remember, caused a huge damage to your mental health. I think we have to keep you one more year under our warm, caring wings. 

The old man have jumped out of the sofa and started to walk in circles.
– No! No..NO! You’ve mixed up again. I AM Angelina Jolie, a farm girl from the Austrian village. I’m describing the facts only: Don Quixote and Mussolini are after me. They are real. Please, listen!

The man in the white robe made a quick note. His pen danced between the sheets of the paper:
– I see. I see. My last question to you, Mr Craighero. What would happen if Mussolini attacks and kills that Austrian farm-girl?
– A Blood Bath…but that’s NOT my story!

The man in the white robe (smiling):
– Ahhhh you are so naive, Angelina… 


Moral: Do not trust the men in the white robes 😂😂


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