“Sexting Nation”, part 4

Two at the bar.
The real conversation vs thoughts in the form of a senruy/haiku. 

x x x 

She: Hi! How are you?

Let me worship your
Soft, mysterious, super
Excited volcano of money.

He: Hi! Fine. What’s your name, pretty angel?

Her legs on my back
Moving ahead of the time.
Why such a rush, girl?

She: Denna.

Your cook-a-doodle
Is screaming for condom with
My name on it. Get ready!

He: Whatcha doing here, Denna? Are you alone?

You make me harder
Than reading all of the best
Playboys back to back. 

She: Hanging out with my company. We are working for Environmental PKaFund. Climate, oceans, ecosystem, health. We address today’s most urgent environmental challenges by targeting issues that affects people around the world. 

Even from the dead
I’ll bring you to life. Call it –
Activism of the cervix.

He: Yeah, I’m concerned about it too… 

B”tch! I don’t know where
Your cervix is. And I
Don’t want to know. Can we please…just f”ck?

x x x 

I’ve changed the theme of my RNB page: Victoria Ray is my pen name for the books I’m planning to publish in 2019.
So Absurd It Must Be True – Click HERE
The Dulcinea Project – Click HERE

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  1. Ah, the victorious cervix wins again. 😀 Many a-man succumbs . . . or something like that! lol I do believe this will be the downfall, if not of our society, then definitely our “pay-off-the-bitches” president Donald “Daddy Warbucks” Trump.

  2. LOL! You are a visionary Victoria and you obviously can read people’s minds. I laughed so hard at this, I think the birds in my head flew out of my ears, finally.

  3. Victoria Ray . . the erstwhile fire starter whose soul runs roughshod over all who dare enter her fictional sanctum!

    You are wickedly clever, but you already knew that.

    • ouch you are again in the spam, or at least where I found your comment :)) probably WordPress is a “female” with a very active cervix 🙂 be aware 😂😂

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