Sad Poetry, age 20+

We had a conversation with Rebecca (a blogger) about her poem (erotical) and I told her I can’t write erotic. I think to write erotic, you have to be a very romantic person. That’s definitely not me. But I told her I can write ‘harder stuff”, kinda ‘porn-ish poetry’ lol. Here it is:

My short sad p-poems

a) Nobody cares about ‘the size’ in this room,
and ‘the heads’ are still given.
Very easy.
Want to try?
Inhale softly bananas.
All of them.
Too many? Relax.
I know how to make it easier –
Deep-throating the nose.
New evolution of sexual!?
Want to be one of us?
The partner for life?
You are welcome.

b) Bent, smashed between 3, 5 or 8.
Dirty and stoned to the point of nothing.
Time to run?
No. There’s no escape.
Close the eyes –
Spit the seconds of pain.
Move as fast as you can;
Faster, or super-fast. Nice…
Until you are gone –
Confusing and sad.
Next time do a better math,
Before open the door to nowhere.

c) Hey, welcome to the class! 
All are naked.
Do not ask – ‘why’.
Because of your body I guess.
Focus on anatomy here:
The energy is pretty amazing.
So lets destroy you. Slowly.
Don’t know ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘what’?
It’s not exactly rocket science.
Step One: open your legs.
The rest will come naturally.

d) Sounds are off.
We are listening the movement.
Hungry? There’s a sandwich.
On the table. It is you.
Hunger is greasy,
And tools are powerful.
Like my belt between your teeth.
Feeling gross?
Thats SO worth it.

e) Wet is what you’ve made of, –
they told me.
Forever groaning.
‘The splitting hearts’ are falling. 
Everywhere I look is you –
The Knowledge.
And the Power.
The Power of NoLove in the bedroom.

Gag – reflex? Thank you.
Now I’m absolutely happy.


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  1. I think imagination is a dying art (or aspect of neuroscience) we see our environment but seldom look. ‘Having to’ use our imagination or ‘allowing ourselves’ to…….. we need to revisit ourselves perhaps and gain empathetic awareness. Nuntius Fidelis

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