Reality is NOT what it seems

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Based on the book ‘Reality is not what it seems’, Carlo Rovelli

“But, said Alice, if the world has absolutely no sense, who’s stopping us from inventing one?” Lewis Caroll 

Nothing in this world is more difficult than understanding what the world really is…

I am sitting in my chair, drinking warm Kissel. Am I real? “My dear, reality is a question of perspective,” – you’d say. Then what is about my kissel? If it is only an illusion, why is it so tasty? 

OBS! Kissel – warm fruity jelly drink
In russian fairy tales the land of marvels is described as the land of “milk rivers and kissel banks”. This expression became an idiom in Russian language for prosperous life or “paradise on earth”.

“Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it,” – that’s what we know for sure, but what if we’ll look deeper.

do we see…A finite number of finite objects with finite size OR the continuum, an infinite idea of space as a container of the world.

the science is struggling to resolve the current schizophrenia between Quanta and Gravity… Today’s theories become confused and no longer tell us anything reasonable: quantum can NOT deal with curvature of SpaceTime, the general relativity can NOT account for quanta. 

does Space-Time looks…
SpaceTime squashes like a mollusc, and time passes differently in different places. Time does not pass in the same way everywhere in the world. In some places it flows more quickly, in others – more slowly. In general, the closer you to the Earth where gravity is more intense, the slower the time passes. 

Think about Time as a localised phenomenon: every object in the universe has its own time running, at a pace determined by the local gravitational field. 

Imagine that you are looking at the sea from a great height. You perceive a vast expanse of it, a FLAT, cerulean table. Now you look more closely …You begin to make out the great waves swollen by wind. You descend further and you see that the waves break up and the surface of the sea is a turbulent frothing. THIS IS WHAT SPACE IS LIKE – foaming of space.

nearby galaxies are moving… The answer is simple – AWAY. From humanity! We deserve it! The universe is swelling like a balloon because it is too tired from us and our stupidity. 

x x x 

We are obsessed with ourselves. We study our history, psychology, gods. Our knowledge (the biggest part) revolves around man itself, as if we are the most important thing in the universe. 

In a famous myth related by Plato in the 7th book of ‘The Republic’, some men are chained at the bottom of a dark cave and see only shadows cast upon a wall by a fire behind them. They THINK that this is …reality.
We are all in depths of a cave, chained by ignorance, prejudice, weak senses. If we try to see further – we are confused, we are unsure. But we are sticking the nose out anyway. And this is a good thing.

Long time ago Democritus announced that the matter is created from granules. And the dude was right! Now, in XXI, we know that all is created from atoms and ‘co-variant quantum fields’: 

  • our space ripples like the surface of the sea,
  • the universe is expanding from a cosmic explosion 14 billion years ago,
  • stars die out when loses their fuel (hydrogen),
  • matter is squashed down to an enormous degree and curves into a black hole,
  • a black hole looks like the well with a singularity at the end,
  • we are probably falling down but do not feel it, because Acceleration and Gravity are the same thing, 

… and despite all of this we have to wake up and go to work every fkn morning, plus also stress about what our boss/neighbour/ex think. Why? Oh whyyyyyy? Unfair! The universe wasn’t created for THAT sh@t!

x x x 

There’s no NOW. Deal with it, people!
Good bye, Eckhart Tolle and his wonderful NOW-idea! The science tells us we do NOT live in the present = or ‘Now’. We are living between the past and the future. To put it simply:

The left foot in the past – the right one in the future

The moment of present is so so soooooo tiny, it is impossible to measure. It is neither in your past nor in your future. That’s why it is called ‘The Extended Present’. And in numbers it is no more than a few nanoseconds. 

NEWS ALERT: Elon Musk invites you to join him in the next giant leap of humankind! He is building a daily train-line to Mars (one-way tickets only). Ha!

The ‘Extended present’ on Mars lasts for 15 minutes. This means there are events that in this precise moment have already happened, events that are yet to happen, but also 15 minutes during which things occur that are neither in our past nor in our future.


There’s no elsewhere on the Earth, but it exist, and it is real. This is why it is impossible to hold a usual smooth conversation between here and Mars. Be careful if you are planning to buy that one-way cheap ticket to Mars. Ray warned you!

In the Andromeda Galaxy the duration of ‘Expanded Present’ lasts 2 million years.
It’s hilarious 😂  You can say ‘I’m on the way!’ and then relax for the next 1,9 million years: check Netflix, marry, make kids, die… ‘NOW’ is a really long time!

x x x 

Q: If you had only 1 sentence (scientific) to pass to the future generation…what would it be?

‘All things are made of atoms,’ – chosen by Carlo Rovelli.

x x x 

There is also another book I’d like to mention today -> ‘We Have No Idea: a guide to unknown universe’, written by Jorge Cham (comics creator) and Daniel Whiteson (particle physicist). 

With the help of this book you’ll finally understand that the world is a HUGE pie, where you personally can eat only 0,00000000000000000000000005 % (add 10 pages of zeros) of it. The Bad Guys/Dark Energy are taking 68% of your pie and those who pretend that they are the Good Guys/Dark Matter and kinda ‘starving with you’ – but I wouldn’t trust them LOL – controlling 27% of a pie on a daily basis.

Life is sooooo charming!
I WANT my PIE! 100 % of it!

In this hilarious book (with a lot of cartoons) you:

– will find the answers to the questions (see photo below):IMG_3957

 – will finally get lots of pets. Hurrrraaah!!!:

  • giant spaghetti monsters
  • parrots, ferrets and ducks
  • and the main HERO – HAMSTER BERTHA


– will find out if there’s any chance to meet a poor alien on those 20 billions Earth-like planets in our local Galaxy (in the nearest future)

– will be able to answer the question ‘Why does the universe exist?’

Let me save your time on the last one.
The answer is – WE HAVE NO IDEA.

‘To a wise man, the whole Earth is open, because the true country of a virtuos soul is entire universe.” Democritus 

The End ☕️🧐

Next post – ‘On Writing’ 


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35 Responses

  1. After communing with the universe for billions of years, I have come up with my own theory of everything, but unfortunately it involves a set of equations which no one else is able to comprehend.

  2. Who said that I am bad at math?

  3. I”m so happy to get the final answer to the question, “why does the universe exist?” I can now stop my lifelong study of the question. 😀

  4. They are just complicated, as they revolve around my universe expansion theory and this relates wave energy to a force that is still being produced from the Big Bang, and this connects String Theory back to Dark Matter and Dark Energy, but I will try to simplify this, so that a normal person will be able to see things as I do.

  5. Tom Darby says:

    Gravity doe not exist for one who floats.

  6. anne leueen says:

    We are spending the weekend with the grand-kids! This is the equivalent of visiting an alien planet, another universe, but definitely not a black hole as there is just so much energy and activity going on. It is not dark energy either but it is certainly expanding. I’m off to bed now as a new day is dawning tomorrow!!

  7. Ray, I really have no idea why the universe exists.🙄
    I mean really?🤓
    How will it help me?🤔
    Will it help me to solve my problems? No.
    So I am happy as I am .😂😂

  8. Vyache says:

    Hi Ray, how are you? ☀️

    Andromeda Galaxy, I had to look that up because its similar to the show on Netflix.

    Interesting read, thank you for sharing! 🐰

  9. librepaley8 says:

    Surely the Flying Spaghetti Monster is real!? Ref Pastafarianism.

  10. A post that generates thoughts. Time maybe what we became based on passed moments;our life.

  11. There is nothing more Real than Reality😜

  12. Interesting post! I’ve watched the first 7 seasons of The Universe (History Channel).
    Our life journey is from total ignorance to some degree of awareness.
    minor edit: “the closer you [are] to the Earth”

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