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Why psychology?

I don’t know.

Because my teacher once told me that I’m a genius of psychology (it was her personal opinion tho).

Because simply it allows people to better understand how the mind works. I do not plan to diagnose anyone 😬👋 chill, peeps, but I would like to encourage those who need it to take steps to improve their relationships with people around them and with themselves. So I’d say my purpose here: to describe, explain and show how to change human behaviour.

And the key word to our psycho-logic-program will be… mmmm…grilled cheese! Haha. Or maybe not. There’re a lot of things which we can take care of by understanding and using psychology in our day to day life. And ‘cheese’ is one of those words 😂✌️ So I’ll stick to that.

Now more serious. I’d like you to answer 2 questions:

  1. Are you positive or negative (in everydays life)? 50/50 or 70/30?
  2. What’s more important: your EQ (’emotional intelligence’ or let’s call it Ability to Understand Emotions) or your IQ?

Isn’t it more fun and more useful …to become more emotionally intelligent 🤓? It will guide you to information – “how to make more accurate decisions”. And all our life created from the smallest decisions me make.

So, if you are still reading this, consider all potential benefits you will get here and don’t forget about my “humorous styling” and bad gram. That means you can laugh also. And laugh is The Light of the Heart! Shine on!

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