Psycho-Logical Tale


Psycho – logical tale is a new genre of fiction, that focuses on the disclosure (or logical observation) of the situation/problem by describing the feelings, desires and thoughts of the character (hero) with a help of an allegory, the exaggerating or minimisation.

All human brains have an emotional and logical side. Some of us are poets and some are mathematicians, but we all have this in common: we are always in the conflict between the 2 parts of our brains. One day our emotions drives us crazy up to 80%, another day – it represents only 20%.
What is easier: to be logical or to be a psycho? Who’s fucked up the most? We can’t answer all questions at once, but we can try to explore some of them through the stories: why people are who they are, do what they do, and what experiences, or lack there of, are catalysts for their decisions.

I’m going to post one ‘psycho-logical tale’ each week.

If you are interested to try a new genre – welcome to contact me or link me to your post.

“A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it.” R. Tagore