A little extra for free…

(written in the restaurant while waiting for my dinner) I would have left you. If you could only teach me How to cut the roots of blue In town of melancholy You’ve created Around my drowned love. I would have left you.  If somebody would give me in […]

To be or not to be…

Just read a post about “huge sexual temptation” in the public place from a girl to the unknown guy. Here’s the satirical look at the situation. Only thoughts, they never spoke to each other. She: He’s The One. The one who’s gonna beg me and run to touch […]

Nothing as it seems

The best name for this post would be “Things I’ve just found out about myself, and you”. But people love mysterious, catchy names. So I gave it to you! No explanation is needed.  Thing 1. I can’t read too long posts. What about you? Believe me, I’m trying […]

Show me “a sane man” (about a woman)

Show me ‘a sane man’. Fool me. Close my eyes. Run to a bright light, Whisper frosting words, Control and melt my dreams, my tired soul, Hide thousands masks In silent move, Scream immortality Against the quiet rocks, And grasp in sorrow. Float in ecstasy Of drunken fireworks. […]

Forget about resolutions…

What is the saddest thing in life? To wake up with a thought: “This is isn’t happiness…” Why so many people are unhappy today? There’re hundreds of reasons and only one way to fix it. (I would like to say the truth to you, which is – “to cut […]