The heart, the tea, the book 

If you don’t know what your heart is – read “Oblomov” “Oblomov” – the greatest russian novel. I’ll post 2 quotes from it :)) probably you’ll recognise yourself there. And also my sketch of the heart. Quote 1 “As soon as he awoke, he intended to rise immediately, […]

3 facts about me. #3february 

 I’ve always had low self esteem. By all possible tests (in the school). Probably that’s why I’m lacking the ambition as well and a wish to become “yo, Success”. But not anymore. I actually broke through  it. If you break through a barrier, you succeed in forcing your […]

Having dreams about death?

105 people die each minute. If you are reading this, you ain’t one of them. Enjoy your day! :)) Having dreams about death?  That’s okay. Every death is a bridge, That spans a river in heaven. River is singing a song. But you don’t hear it. Is it a […]

Ego or how Dhar met Ma

“…the bee to make honey, of cow to give milk, of sun to radiate sunshine, of river to flow”.  Voice 1: I must confess to you, I am the one and only Dhar-,   The key to Universe.  I am the cosmic order and creation.  I am everything you’ll never […]