Do you mind? Female logic

“Do you mind I put your death in my poem?” – She asked, smiling. “Why? I don’t want to die”. “To lift my headache to the level of happiness”. The answer of evil. Bizarrely sweet. She isn’t mine yet, But already trying to change my world. “Read it,” […]

The heart, the tea, the book 

If you don’t know what your heart is – read “Oblomov” “Oblomov” – the greatest russian novel. I’ll post 2 quotes from it :)) probably you’ll recognise yourself there. And also my sketch of the heart. Quote 1 “As soon as he awoke, he intended to rise immediately, […]

3 facts about me. #3february 

 I’ve always had low self esteem. By all possible tests (in the school). Probably that’s why I’m lacking the ambition as well and a wish to become “yo, Success”. But not anymore. I actually broke through  it. If you break through a barrier, you succeed in forcing your […]

Having dreams about death?

105 people die each minute. If you are reading this, you ain’t one of them. Enjoy your day! :)) Having dreams about death?  That’s okay. Every death is a bridge, That spans a river in heaven. River is singing a song. But you don’t hear it. Is it a […]