Allow me to be me…

“Meanwhile, allow me to be me ….in all forms.”  Faith Tigere How is your Saturday? My Saturday continues in Stockholm, at the books store. So far I bought 4 books (yesterday evening): 1 non -fiction (science), 1 young adult, and 2 crime novels. I promise to post the […]

Dear, You.

Originally posted on mtaggartwriter:
I awoke this morning with the feeling that something dreaded happened. Not that something will happen- But did happen. Later today. Like a book that’s already been written and we all need to wait to find out what it was. Now, I’m left hoping…

Morning routine/ Ayurveda

Any yoga-program consists from the following exercises: 1. Dharana (focus). You can’t start yoga without dharana. 2. Pranayama (controlling breathing). 3. Vinyasa (it is a sequence of movements connected with the breathing, to create a free flow of the life-energy) 4. Yoga: a) Therapeutic asana-sequences ( if you […]

Sunshine Forever

Surprise? Surprise! Again (as always) nominated to the Sunshine Award.  Thanks to this amazing blogger and check her page:  CLICK HERE 1. What is your current obsession? A book/tv series/game you’re really into, a hobby, project? Blog. And a book I’m writing (trying lol) But mostly – my […]

Academy of love

xxx The guy couldn’t be much over twenty. He had that Simpson look about him, the blonde hair and big round eyes – almost nerdy, but strong. His father was also in the room, sitting in son’s favourite chair and reading the book. “Maya told me to enroll […]