Origami-Heart. Part 3: The Horrible (Adults only)

The final part 3 is here. Read previous two if you are a new follower:
Part 1: The Good
Part 2: The Bad 


Two shadows in the kitchen with the curtains drawn. A presence of Him. Exceptional. Unexpected. Strongest. Cruel. George touched Claudia’s hips, whispering ‘Trust me’. His soft, tanned, leggy and smart Claudia. As well as David’s Claudia, with frizzy blonde hair and velvet voice.

The taste of whipped cream, silky powdered sugar, the smooth push to the table and everything around them became soaked in the hideous and bizarre slowness. It took such a long time – to breathe.

– We have to leave next week, babe, – said George.
– I assume you’ve already decided.
– Only one more deal with ‘Collectors’ and we can have a great life somewhere on the sunny island far from all that spiritual bullshit.
He stopped the eyes on her panties: 
– Nice flowers. How’s your meetings with David?
– Fine. I could stop now, if…
– I don’t give a shit, – George rolled his eyes and sighed. – And it works for us. I need that girl. They said her heart is perfect.
– I know, – she nodded. Too slowly.
– We are here for each other, and we are nothing without each other, Claudia. I’m asking you to focus. The last thing I need is to be less in control of myself right now… – he frowned, or was it a smile? – Ok, make me a sandwich. Your sandwiches makes me feel so fuckin’ horny.


The darkness began to settle in Cape May and the sunlight turned to orange. It will be gone soon: the light, the peace, the freedom. 

Maria was standing in the middle of the living room, with The New Ori Book in her hands.
-Whenever you are ready, hun, – said George.
The beat of silence and then female voice: ‘What?’
The man cocked his head on one side:
– Well, should I remind you, princess?
– I’m sorry, – she muttered and started to read: “The entire cosmos is divided into Origami and Non-Origami, Light and Darkness, Masculine and Feminine, Positive and Negative, Day snd Night, Life and Death. In all things that exist there is ‘Origami’, form and essence in one.”
– …and this bullshit comes from?’ – George yawned, scratching his bare chest.
– Tao.
– Tao. Hm. And now I have to feed all that crap to our sheeps?
– I’ve added also some verses from The Bible.
– Do I look like I care, Maria?

Of course he didn’t. All that time he looked at Rida through the glass door of the living room, who was sitting outside on the bench, probably waiting his son.

– Ding – Dong. That’s my heart, – George shot a finger at the girl, who couldn’t see him. Maria stared at him, a hammer-pulse beating at the back of her head. George gave her a long, puzzled look:
– Take your clothes off, sweetheart. And sit down. I have a present for you.
Maria did as he commanded.
– You are gorgeous, – the man locked the eyes on her body. 


Rida’s heart have been sold. No, she didn’t know about it. And she never will. As well as Ensam. But you know. How does it feels – to know the horrible secret and do not be able to help or to change anything? ‘It is a fiction,’ – you’d say. But what if not?.. 

George have worked for ‘Collectors’ almost 15 years. He never met anyone from the group personally, but Claudia did. Once. It happened 7 years ago. “Collectors” requested the heart of George’s wife and he gave it to them.

‘The Collectors of Hearts’ or ‘Collectors’ was an anonymous group who payed a huge amount of money for the hearts of people they have requested. George didn’t know what they were doing with those hearts: selling to donors on the black market, eating them, hanging on the walls.
He didn’t care.
Money! And Power!
That’s all he dreamed of.
George created ‘Origami-Hearts’ community with the purpose to sale the organs to that secret group.
He also married the woman who had the biggest butt in the community. Because the biggest means the healthiest… Or maybe he just liked it. Then he’ve met Ellen who’ve got a much bigger and better looking butt, so he started to sleep with her too. The truth is, George fucked anyone he wanted in the ‘Origami’. And outside.
Yes, yes, he is the lucky fucking bastard!


Paul dropped his head, teeth clenched, his fist kicked the wall. One more time. Harder.
– I can not die. I don’t wanna die. Fucking crap crap crap!!! The most fucking awful day! He could take us with him. I’ve got cash.
– He said he have to take only the purest hearts.
– Something happened, hasn’t it? You sucked his dick and he didn’t like it.
– No. God. Noooo. He said he loves us, – Maria closed her eyes for a moment and tried to get past all what had happen to her in Origami’s living room. –  And he loves you, Paul.
-I’ve got to find my own way through it, – the boy slammed the door and left. 

Her shoulders were sagging with tiredness. Ticktock…ticktock. Without hesitating she stepped to the edge of the window, and jumped.


The bodies has been found quite late. Almost 1 month after George and ‘Origamers’ have left Cape May. All that time David was looking for his daughter, absolutely broken and devastated.
Claudia hasn’t answered the calls. He found out that she left the job at the hospital almost 3 month ago.

Maria have committed suicide.
Paul? Gone. The local police announced that they had found the drugs, hidden in the bathroom, bedroom and even inside of the car. The haul is estimated to be worth about 400 thousands dollar.


FBI agent Joe Holden arrived in Cape May as soon as he found out that the ‘Origami-Hearts’ were the latest providers to ‘Collectors’. His conversation with the french adviser Sandra Brown was very short this morning:
– How many? – she asked.
 -Too many. Terrifying. They’ve counted 32 so far. Some have been there for years, – Joe paused, – kids too. I’ll call you as soon as I know the details.
– I’ll arrive tomorrow, Holden.


The absolute blackness of the soul. Would anyobody notice the sound of the heartbeat of the ‘form’ without ‘essence’ or the body without soul?

Ellen glued to the floor, on her belly:
– Are we dead? Have we died?
She asks, but can’t hear herself ask it. The entire body is wet. The sheet is wet as well, or gone. The floor is still shaking. She is too happy.
– You are such a badass, Jane, – George slid back inside of her, – Oh, God this is soooo good…

– Jane?
– Your new name, – he glowed, almost serenely.
They pumped their hips together, enjoying the sound of it.

The End? Lol

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  1. A really neat basis for something bigger.
    Also the ending – what a great idea when you forget your partner’s name (because you have so many), or say a different one by mistake. Just say it’s “a new name”, a “nickname”.

    • Lol 😂 yeah that would be great, to forget the names 🙂
      But I think it was only the beginning of the story. The story itself will be written some day (hopefully) and it will start with Claudia getting a new name and the new Origami-life in the new place, created by smart pants George :))…oh don’t forget FBI, who just arrived 🙂

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