“No,” I said to the last biscuit… 

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If you want a puzzling, stimulating, provocative, gripping, fascinating, in one word – interesting book; if you love eating, cooking, traveling, Miss Marple and mysterious crime-stories; if you would like to know how it feels to live in a mud-brick house on a nature reserve in the Klein Karoo (South Africa); if you are looking for the love-advice or a perfect plan for the murder – you have to read a book of Sally Andrew “Recipes for LOVE and MURDER”, where all …. life on the menu. Ain’t you hungry yet?

This book is hilarious! The main hero is Tannie Maria (or aunt Maria), 50+, who is way toooooo passionate about the cooking, nature and her recipe-advices column at the local newspaper ‘Klein Karoo Gazette’. One letter – many recipes – one crime…

Excerpts from the book:

1. “If you are honest with yourself,” I said to the potato salad, “is the feeling of love really any better than the satisfaction you get from a good meal?” Food is a good company, but it doesn’t answer back, not in the words anyway. Maybe that is one of the reasons why it is good company. But it did communicate with me somehow, because next thing I knew I was polishing off the leftovers of that cream and mint potato salad. My mouth was full of delicious flavours and my tummy full, and I answered my own question:”I think not.”

2. I don’t know how Elna knew about Dirk; I hadn’t told her. But that’s what it’s like in a small town. Sometimes news travels faster than the things that are actually happening. I was once told of an old lady’s death before she died. But she did die, the next day, so she managed to catch up with the news.

3. Suicide. Selfmoord as they say in Afrikaans: self-murder. Sjoe. In some ways it felt worse than murder. If a man treats a woman so badly that she ends her own life, it’s like he has killed her twice: her heart and then her body. When I was with Fanie I thought of killing myself. I even got as far as buying sleeping tablets. There was a pressure on my chest like a bag of potatoes. At least three women are killed by their partners every day in South Africa…I was suddenly crying. For Martine, for Anna, for myself. I hadn’t cried for years and there I was, crying for the second time in just a few weeks. Maybe it was not a bad thing. When I was finished, my heart felt a bit lighter. I hadn’t killed myself. I was here now, alive. I had chickens that gave me beautiful eggs, a stoep with the best view, and some real friends.

4. Now of course I was cross with Kannemeyer after that. He was stubborn. Rude, in fact. How could he leave without cake? But I was more cross with myself. I should’ve brought it out sooner. 
I went into the kitchen and began icing the cake. IF HE HAD ONLY SEEN IT. Or smelled it. “I messed up,” I said to the cake. “If he had a taste of you, he would have agreed to anything I asked.” I licked a piece of rum-and-chocolate icing off my finger. “ANYTHING.”
I called the Gazette. Jessie answered.
“Kannemeyer’s come and gone,” I said. “Can you two come here for a meeting? I’ve got a chocolate cake asking to be eaten.” 

“Yes,” said Jessie. “Tell the cake YES.” 


1 stocky man who abuses his wife

1 small tender wife

1 medium-sized tough woman in love with the wife

1 double-barreled shotgun

1 small Karoo town marinated in secrets

3 bottles of Klipdrift brandy

3 little ducks

1 bottles of pomegranate juice

1 handful of chili peppers

1 mild gardener

1 fire poker

1 red-hot New Yorker

7 Seventh-day Adventists ( prepared for The End of The Wolrd)

1 hard-boiled investigative journalist

1 soft amateur detective

2 cool policemen

1 lamb

1 handful of red herrings and suspects mixed together

Pinch of greed

Throw all the ingredients into a big pot and simmer slowly, stirring with a wooden spoon for a few years. Add the ducks, chilies, and brandy towards the end and turn up the heat.

Do you want to know the Recipe for Love? 😉 go read the book haha

PS. I’m still reading the book, in the middle right now 😉

The stories about the doors, Africa and Luke’s adventures coming in the middle of the next week. 


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23 Responses

  1. I’m glad to see you back in good spirits. I like this book much more than that other one, judging from these passages. I love it how she talks to food. Need to try it. (*eyes spinach menacingly to make it turn into chocolate*)

  2. kinkyacres says:

    Which to read first? That will be the question! Maybe reading my GPS so I get where I am headed today.
    Thanks for sharing those passages. Humor and chocolate cake!

    • This book is very different from the first one (you ordered), it’s very humorous and lots of South African recipes at the end. I’m in the middle of the book but still don’t know who is the killer lol 😂 and if u want I can send it to u after reading :))

      • kinkyacres says:

        Ms. Ray, I think the postage would be more than the cost of the book!
        I appreciate your offer, and thank you from the bottom of my little black heart!!
        However, with all that being said, if the book were too contain ‘side notes’ and some of your comedic expressions, send it! (your expenses will be reimbursed – maybe!)

        Truth be known, sitting down and reading a book (fiction) will definitely place me ‘outside’ my comfort zone! Sounds silly I know. Truth though!

      • I don’t think so…I’m sending often. Probably 15-20 euro, no more. Don’t remember the cost of the book haha
        I do often sides notes lol not expressions, but mostly underlining of the places/thoughts I like.
        Anyway, u let me know later..I’m still reading the book:))
        Strange..how the book can place someone outside of the comfort zone :/ it is fun :))

      • kinkyacres says:

        After text books then it was on to tech. manuals and books! Every now and then I would take time to read something a little more interesting. (Fiction) I probably have more than a couple of reasons not to pick up a book! Not a big deal for most folks.

      • It’s fine. Sometimes I don’t read for months…sometimes I’m reading each day during 2-3 month non-stop. It’s all depends on the mood, situation, time, etc..

      • Don’t want read – don’t! I think it’s normal. I remember after my university I didn’t read at all lol
        And even now I’m picking only “easy-simple” to read books :))

      • kinkyacres says:

        Same! After schooling there was no desire to pick up a book!
        Music made more sense.

      • Yes, sometimes I feel similar. ✌️🌞

  3. Rebecca says:

    Öy, that cake looks good…..
    And it certainly sounds like an interesting book!!

  4. HILARIOUS!!! and SO well written. Thanks for sharing. This is SO South African! Love the ‘Tannie’, reminds me of home! and the recipe for murder? OMG, brilliantly funny!! LOVE it.

    • Haha…the author using lots of words from Afrikaan, I’m reading South African crime novel first time & I have to tell – it’s very different but great!! Love it ❤️👍

      • It’s SO cool that you’re reading an SA novel. I strongly urge you to read a South African Writer’s books – called ‘Wilbur Smith’. His books are nothing short of brilliant! He also tends to write Saga’s, so you get to follow the lives of certain families he’s created in Africa…he also puts a lot of wildlife info into his work. Enjoy your read! xx

      • I will 🙂 thank you. I’ll check the books 📚

      • I’ve checked…it’s a bit too historical for me maybe. I don’t like when too many heroes in the book as well. But seems interesting:)
        I prefer ‘easy’ reading nowadays. Something to relax…

      • Some of it can be historical I agree. If you go back in time, to his story of ‘The Courtney’ family, that’s a great read. Relaxing and also a story, instead of too much historical info. Hope this is of some use. I named my Daughter after the first one in his chronicals of the ‘Courtney’ family. Storm. I loved reading the whole saga. But of course, if not for you, then that’s also ok x

      • Yes, the saga sounds good. I’ll check that “The Courtney”-story 🙂 👍🌞 when I was younger I really enjoyed reading historical books, but it’s gone. Usually it’s non fiction, or crime novels (but ‘no’ to political ones), less heroes=best, and should be easy & fun. Usually I’m reading before sleep..it should be relaxing 🙂 haha maybe it sounds awful but it is what it is. I’ve studied a lot & I worked a lot like a teacher of literature so I’m really tired of the reading :)) now, when I’m in mid-life I prefer easy-reading, it should make me smile too :))

      • I really hope you enjoy this series. If it feels ‘not your style’ then obviously you’ll just stop. I will try and find the name of 1st in the Courtney stories…I hope that’ll help you. I so understand not wanting heavy stuff. Just light, fun, interesting? have a super happy day 🙂

  5. rhythminlife says:

    Hehehehe. I think I would probably say yes to the biscuits 💞. Hugs my dear

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