Nine of cups

Nine of cups is my first humorous non-fiction book about health, happiness, peace and harmony.

This book will help you:

Achieving what you desire
Obtaining your goals
Getting what your think you want… do you know what you really want?
Having your dream come true

Table of contents

Cup 1  Back to Earth: your personal spirit guide

Cup 2  Invisible Darkness: feeling of hopelessness 

Cup 3  Dietary Well-Being

Cup 4  Mind fasting: the trunk of the elephant 

Cup 5  Drugs, food, gambling and sex…

Cup 6  What we get when we give

Cup 7  Planning long-term or life on the Other Side 

Cup 8  Guess what – I am moving to Paradise 

Cup 9  Hurrah! Go beyond… 

I do not claim this book will make you A. B. S. O. L. U. T. E. L. Y happy. Happiness is ongoing process, folks. It requires:

  • Knowledge,
  • Awareness,
  • Desire,
  • and… Practice.

But I’ll try to combine my bizarre humor with the best ideas and methods of eastern and western psychology to give you 9 cups to “drink” (to achieve ‘impossible’, to make you high-on-happiness… or at least discover something new). 

Your emotional well-being matter! 


Publishing date: 6 December 2019 



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