Here’s one cool questionnaire from Nietzsche (at least originally). But I have found the post on Jeanne’s Blog. And she have found it on Paul’s Blog. Ahhh, I love WordPress for this kinda ‘chain-communication’ and the way the word spreads around. 

The rule is just ONE! …never lie to Nietzsche!

Here’s my honest answers to 8 questions:

1. What makes one heroic?
To do as your heart desires

2. In what do you believe?

  • Control and Choice. There’re things we can change and there’re things we can’t change. Focus on those that are within your control. You will not only be happier but you will win any life-battle. 

3. What does your conscience say?
Doesn’t say much. I’m scared I lost it somewhere on the way to this post… But I have a quote for you, from Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, who said:

“Each snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty.”

So I guess, sometimes it is OKAY to admit your mistakes. That will make your conscience calm and happy.

!! If you love Stanislaw’s words (and even if you don’t) – check a couple of his awesome witty quotes here – it will bring a smile on your face: Read This Post – It Will Make Your Day Better!

4. Where are your greatest dangers? 

  • To trust people
  • To care what other people think 

5. What do you love in others? 

  • Sanity. There’s not so much of it left in this world. If Nietzsche only knew…
  • Openness. If you are a closed window – that’s OKAY, but I’m not going to burst my old arse into pieces trying to come over to your ‘house’ and open it for you.
  • Positive spirit. It is normal to feel sad, but 24/7 all 365 days a year every year of your life. Really? 

6. Whom do you call bad?
Those who takes the role of the punisher…

7. What do you consider most humane?
To feel compassion and empathy
My criminal mind want to add – ‘to kill without pain’ to the list too.

8. What is the seal of liberation?

  • To KNOW that your shoes are free from the dirt
  • To UNDERSTAND that the chainsaw near your neck is a temporary thing. You can always take it off you (not the head lol). Just like a scarf. But only if you really want it.

I see you wanna surprise poor Nietzsche too. He’s very excited to read your answers. As well as RayNotBradbury , Paul and Jeanne. So go ahead! It is ONLY 8 QUESTIONS.

Spread the word and anyone (it should be YOU!) can pick this cool and intellectual #tag. Let’s try to pass it to:

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Plans ahead: Next post will be a short story, called ‘Un eclair au chocolat’, for the picture ‘Bank’ – Carpe Diem – Cool Prompts. If I’ll be able to write it today – I’ll post it later evening, if no – then tomorrow. If you love writing – welcome to participate in ‘cool prompts’ too.

Next – Homo Deus Book Review. I’ll do as soon as I can. It is a non-fiction book, so no heroes, or maybe I’ll create one. 
Weekends – Psycho-Logical Tale with a pure touch of erotica (18+)…and later – wrap up.

Have fun!


Next post – short story ‘Un eclair au chocolat’


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