Nari – ‘two-coloured ghost’

Excerpt (first draft) from my upcoming book for children (6-9 yo) “The Adventures of ghost Nari”.

x x x

“Do I look like ballerina?” Nari asked her mom. Blue pancakes smeared with yellow jam magically arrived on her plate. Her mom was a real witch when she cooked for her little girl. 

Nari was a ghost. A rare ghost with two colors: pink and teal. She lived with her mother under the Boo Bridge, in the middle of Silla Kingdom. The Kingdom was surrounded by a magical forest Baek and a creepy Mountain Goguro. 

The village near the Boo Bridge was a primary source of fun for Nari, because she was fascinated by humans. Especially kids. They were so joyful, sparkling with pure happiness and light, that each time she had seen them she felt only joy and peace. It was so exhilarating to watch them laughing, running around the pond while playing ‘pirates’. But this year her spot had been quiet for weeks. Kids grew up, they started school or moved away.

Nari finished her meal, jumped in the middle of the room and started to dance in the rays of the sunshine. She twirled and turned, jumped and hopped. Each day she dreamed about two things:

  • to become like everybody else – one-colored ghost
  • to learn how to dance like a ballerina

Her mother smiled and said: “Your aunt, Mrs. Rhino, is an amazing dance teacher. She’d help you to become a real ballerina, but she is living far far away, in the old house behind Black Lake.”

Black Lake was a mystical place situated at beyond Boo Bridge. It took a few days to get there and was known for the dangerous route, but in the same time it was a very beautiful place with lots of flowers and trees. A heart of magic.

“Can I go there?” Nari asked impatiently.

“It is a very dangerous road. Full of darkness and riddles… It’s no road for a little girl to travel alone.” Slowly answered her mom. 

“What’s so scary about it? We are surrounded by forest. I am playing with animals every day. And nobody will see me anyway, I am a ghost!” Added Nari with a sad voice. 

“First of all, a lot of mysterious creatures lives there. I’ve heard about a monster, called Mo’o, who blows on everybody who’s trying to pass the Path of Changes and freezes them to death.” The woman paused. “And then, when he is done, he sucks out their color when he touches them.”

“Scary.” Said Nari shivering. She didn’t like being a ghost, especially a two-colored ghost, but to lose her colors… ohh! 

“And why does the monster do that? Hurting others? There should be a reason for that.” Nari persisted.

“There’s an old legend. About Imugi – a gigantic serpent. Serpents are very large, benevolent, python-like creatures that lives in water or caves, and their sighting is associated with good luck. Or so it was before, until the Queen of Mountain Goguro killed Imugi. The soul of Imugi became Mo’o and it seeks revenge for his death.”

“Maybe there’s another road to aunt Rhino who can teach me how to dance?” Nari asked. “A shortcut, maybe?”

“No, there are no shortcuts. You’ll find your destiny and fulfill your dreams only by walking the Path of Changes.” Answered her mother. “I’m sorry sweetheart.”

Nari went outside. She sat under the oak tree feeling sad. “Oh! How I wish I could go to Aunt Rhino’s house” She cried. “There, I can learn to dance and she can also make me absolutely normal one coloured ghost. I don’t like being two coloured. It makes me so different from everyone else, even animals laugh at me.” Nari sobbed. “Why does it have to be so dangerous? Why should there be a monster along the way? Why does he have to be so mean and kill all peaceful creatures? I wish there would be a way for me to go…” She thought. Her mom came out and saw her crying and lamenting.

“Why are you crying, my princess?” Asked her mother while hugging her.

“I wish I can go to Aunt Rhino’s house at Black Lake.”

“But it’s dangerous, I told you. I don’t want to lose my only daughter to the monster Mo’o.”

“You know, it has always been my dream – to dance!” Nari cried.

“Okay. Wipe your tears. Wait! I remember, there’s a way. I’ll let you go only on one condition. You will have to take a Sacred Torch with you to ward off dangerous beings. My mother gave it to me to keep till a rainy day when I’ll need it. It can signal you when you about to be in danger and also protect you. You just have to say these words when you face your enemy, ‘Spirit of the sacred Seowon Torch, protect your humble servant,” then call your name. Do you promise to take the sacred torch and pay attention to it? “

“Yes, yes, yes! I’ll take the Sacred Torch,” Nari exclaimed.

“Repeat the words you are supposed to say!”

“Spirit of the sacred Seowon Torch, protect your humble servant, Nari!!!” shouted Nari, smiling.

x x x

The story is based on Korean myths and legends. I’m not sure it is my #genre – children’s books (feels a bit uncomfy😂), but I’d like to try. It’s fun to try new things… 

Information about this book is already on my page (blurb and heroes): Check HERE

Here’s my 20-min unfinished sketch …
I don’t know, color or black and white?
What do you think?


Have a great weekend and see you on Sunday! 💃☕️😎🥨

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Next post – “The Pearl Territory”, chapter 8 #dialogue 


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25 Responses

  1. This sounds like an interesting project, good luck with it. My personal preference is for black and white but I imagine young children would prefer color. I showed this to my 8 year old and she said she would rather see colored pictures. So, there’s that.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Wow cool thx for showing it to ur child…I don’t have any kids (my dogs 🐕 love every color if it’s food 😛). And I think we, grownups, prefer often black and white but kids are still love colors 🙂 they r living in different world…

  2. So very good….

  3. Sorryless says:


    What a tasty tale you’ve woven.

    Your imagery is wonderful, your dialogue divine.

    I love the way you write colors into being.


    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Divine & wonderful…what a great start of Friday (and weekends) 🕺🕺 thank you & I hope the finished product/story will be even more awesome 😎 = with cool illustrations

  4. I wanna go there.
    (There’s a first time for everything)

  5. librepaley says:

    Charming and imaginative, I’d have lived it as a little girl as I wanted to be a witch (and now I am!)

  6. masercot says:

    I like the colored sketch. Looks like a cross-section of someone’s imagination.

  7. Baffledmum says:

    Great start to the story, I hope Nari gets to visit her aunty… I like the coloured pic as it shows the 2 colours of Nari… X

  8. I enjoyed the story as I think children will enjoy it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Color and imagination, unlimited!

  10. Fiery says:

    Love this ♥

  11. nice story!…

  12. Very nice! 💙💚💛

  13. Markus J. says:

    it looks nice!

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