“My life in percentage” writing challenge

A new challenge for this week: 3 September – 9 September. Have fun!


  • describe – what percentage are you living your life at? 

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From the book of Hanna Hellquist 
‘My Life in percentage’, 3 October 2007

My life consist of 91 % of shit, or to be exact:
5% – clothes hangers (the sad thing is not that there’re 120 hangers in the house, but that it is NEVER enough)
1% – lamps (a favorite one – with a huge lion and the shiny nose)

3 %- porcelain animals of different types. How did that happen? Who knows…They are here, they are queer, get used to it!
10% – books ( Big Books Only. I love big books. What a great feeling to read the first 7 pages…)
10 % – medicine
2% – sunglasses ( hashtag #foreverproud #neverwithoutsunglasses)
20% – shoes (200 pars and counting)
40% – clothes (shop till you drop!)
2% – friends …who help with all that shit. 


Do not be shy…share your LIFE-percentage! 😉

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  1. I’m not Not a store browsers so 40 % of life is spent buying shoes and motorcycle gear online, 20% spent returning said purchases, they never Fit! The rest is… well, so boring I want waste your life talking about it. Have a beauty of a day Ray! ♥️

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