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“I woke up in my house, on a pair of black smelly tights and twenty bucks. I had the feeling Julia was gone. Who’s going to take care of my laundry?”

So begins the first story in my debut book, So Absurd It Must Be True. The book is the first collection of short satirical tales for adults in a series I’m planning to develop. The book will appeal to readers who love sci-fi, erotica, fairytales, satire and humor.

It is witty and lucid.
A book of perfect hilarity and serious wisdoms.
It is dark and ironic.
Featuring bizarre characters, like Gluttony, TightPants and SizeDoesntMatter. 

This collection of 42 stories humorously explores the dark and ironic side of human behavior. Each hero has a mission – to make you smile, think and learn something new about yourself and the world. 

Everything is an allegory, until it is not.
Everything is emotional, raw and relatable.
Everything is a mix of erotica and humor.

The book brings to light the greatest human flaws, sins and desires, so we may learn that secrets never stay hidden forever. So Absurd It Must Be True is an unforgettable reading experience!

You can buy it on Amazon (kindle and paperback), Kobo, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Scribd, Baker and Taylor.

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