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Luke CopyRight

“And on the Seventh Day God created Luke CopyRight”
Ray’s Genesis 2:2

There’re 3 types of people on WordPress, and Luke is All of them. Luke is me and Luke is you. He’s also half-asshole, half-child, half-enlightened, half-dumb, half-Gustave Flaubert and half-madame Bovary. Go figure!

Here’s 666 things Luke do not care about:

  1. Making you wait his posts
  2. Troubles
  3. Causing gross smells on WordPress and beyond
  4. Being sorry/notsorry, liked, respected, fucked up…
  5. Common sense
  6. Add anything

Look, there’s a long list of things Luke don’t care about…let’s skip the rest to enjoy his amazing personality and the nose. You can read all the post under this page 🙂 enjoy!


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