When we say ‘I’…what do we really mean?

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When there’s no more room in hell – the dead will walk the earth.
George A. Romero

This evening I’m going to post the review of the book ‘Homo Deus’, Yuval Noah Harari. If you think the review is already written – you don’t know Ray well. When Rays says: ‘I’m on it!’ – that means she’s busy with doing absolutely nothing or anything else, because she’s definitely not writing the review. But I’ll post it. Tonight. Maybe late. Hopefully I’ll be done with the vampire series by then (I’m currently watching tv show about vampires, sigh).
Yeah, I know many of you are wondering: why Ray has such a bad taste in tv-series, movies, books… I don’t know, folks.

I dont think it is THAT bad.

It is the matter of the perception and what’s I’m looking for in that particular moment. If I’m looking for – ‘think nothing, just chill and enjoy the moment’ – then I’ll read a crime book or watch a vampire series. If I’m in the mood to research, think and challenge myself – I’ll read a good non-fiction book on economics, business, history (you name it!). But as you see – most of the time Ray is chilling… 

Or maybe the answer is much deeper: we still doesn’t know who we are or as said the author of ‘Homo Deus’: 


A lot of people believe that we have a single and invisible self (so called In-dividual). That we have to fight the hundreds of voices inside of us. Because they drive us crazy, because we can’t control them, because they aren’t what they are. 

The science have reached the conclusion that this story is pure mythology. Like Santa or Easter Bunny. If you look really deeply into yourself – the unity is always a cacophony of conflicting voices, none of which is ‘true self’. Humans are not individuals.

Humans are DIVIDUALS. 
Because when we say ‘I’ – we mean the story in our head..

Who decide to buy a Toyota or Mercedes, to go on holiday to Paris or Thailand, to invest in South Korean or Shanghai stock exchange?  Most of the experiments shows that there’s no single self taking any of these decisions. They are result from a tug of WAR between different and often confused inner entities. 

And all those entities (voices) are divided into 2:
The Experiencing Self  and The Narrating Self.
Who’s going to sabotage whom today? 

For example: to make a New Year resolutions and start diets/gym – the monopoly of the Narrating Self.  When we experience hunger from fasting (Ramadan) and hunger from no-money-situation – it is a different kind of hunger: the different experiences and meanings. 

Ah, I could continue forever 🤪
But I think you can go grab a book and discuss all the new ideas with your own awesome Self. Or both. Or how many you’ve got inside? …

Remember: when we say ‘I’ – we mean the story in our head… we identify with the inner system that takes the crazy chaos of life and spin it until we get 1 answer. Cool, right?

Now to my day in pictures. Want to participate? Rules are here – at the end

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Have a good weekend ahead! 💕💃😉

Next post – ‘Homo Deus’ Book Review
The post is based on the book of Yuval Noah Harari


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