Juxtaposition of two

Written for daily prompt: juxtapose

xxx #1

I am sooooo hungry.

The whole Earth is open.
Take a bite!
Feel the satisfaction!
Feel, – how easy it is,
To fall in love with the extra oxygen!

Woman: I was thinking about ‘extra biscuits’…

xxx #2


The people are passing. Coffee, laptops, stressed brows.
The time is passing with the help of the people that are creating the sea of the noise.
I am drinking coffee. Black. Flooded with the pain and the desires of the human hearts.

The thyranny of the noise surrounds the centre of my being.
Each time it moves closer and closer.
It dissolves inside of my soul. 

It is the loneliest thing in the world – to be surrounded by the noise.   


This place gets into your blood, darling. An elegant meal, matcha-tea, fresh cookies …and chameleonike people. Eat, drink, talk, repeat! And nobody is listening!
And one more thing. There’s a guy here, sitting next to me, drinking coffee. Yes, hot. And serious. Or seriously-hot?! Haha I want to have sex with him so baaadddd 😁😉


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