Is there anything more frightening than people?

Four in the room.

– I think Sam was hurt by our abrupt ness this afternoon, – said the bird, while watching ‘The Walking Dead’.
– So what? – a whale-like snail moved 0,1 mm left from the sandwich on the floor. – Someone have to raise ‘The snails are also people-awareness’ in this house.
– It’s just rude, to sleep on his bed, Snail…You are acting, like the world and the rules doesn’t exist, – added an ant, checking a half-empty jar of the old ragged condoms.
– Let him fear us! – Sam’s wife, Erin, winked to the group.


‘They’ll suffer for this! Suffer…’ – muttered Sam, hiding under the rag in the closet. ‘Nobody in this world is free from worry and hate,’ – tweeted the rat on Sam’s phone. 

Daily prompt – abrupt
The names of heroes from EDC Writing

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  1. RNB,

    Love the brilliantly humorous irony of this prompt. It was . . . wait for it . . . a rush!

    Peace and HUGE snails (My gawd . . )

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