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Yesterday I received a message from Google AdSense. It said that my blog (or website) has no value and in addition, I’m using very bad and excessive language (after that Amazon have to add me to a list of bestsellers in 2019, because f*ck and b*tch were the most common words used in the highest rated books in 2018).
AdSense reported that they can’t add any advertisements to my page/or post. At least RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t surprise me anyway. They told me that I should change the theme of my blog page and 50% of Ray’s steamy content… or I am not welcome. 

Really, AdSense?
Ray has no time for this BS!
And no, Ray
doesn’t want your money!
But you know money
is made to be shared, don’t you?😂😉

“…because money does not always keep its value, unlike mankind, whose value is always the same – everything and nothing.”  Jose Saramago

What is next/December 9-10: 

  • “How to Grow a Novel”, Sol Stein. I’ll post the most important takeaways (without any examples), but I’d advise you to read the book (if you’d like to see your text/novel through the eyes of an experienced writer and editor). The book is a very helpful tool to create the Greatest Best Seller of all time. Or die trying. Anyway, worth checking.  
  • “The Pearl Territory”, chapter 2 (2000 words), in the form of a dialogue. No rush with reading! Take your time. Let me know what you think! As you remember I saw it in my dream (and I never see dreams lol), that’s why I feel the obligation to write this story.

All posts for the next week are scheduled. Then I’ll take a break.
Not because it is necessary (of course, it is!), but because I’ll focus on my book “So Absurd It Must Be True’. Hopefully, it will be polished before the New Year. In January I’m planning to work only with a cover design and formatting. 

I have guests next Friday and in addition, my mum is arriving on Saturday. Ouch! Time for a little chaos. Then I’ll go to Spain (Malaga) for a short Christmas retreat. 

Next week/December 11-17:

  • “The Pearl Territory”, chapter 3 – #journal Boulder Jakobs
  • “The Orange Wheel” – the outline for the crime novel. 
  • Book Review “The Bohemian Incident”,Thomas Arnfelt

Before Christmas/December 18-23:

  • “The Dulcinea Project” (working title), one chapter
  • “The Pearl Territory”, chapter 4 – in a form of dialogue
  • Book Review “The Nature Fix”, Florence Williams

 “A person of value is always a success but a person who is successful is not always a person of value.” Jeffrey G. Duarte

It’s time to become “BOTH”!?

I’ll try to take a break from 23/12 to 5/1 2019. But who knows, I may post some pictures from my trip. I know you want it! 💃☕️😎

And…the most exciting part of this post:

1. HorseAddict Blog – the answer to your question “where to find happiness?” #MUSTREAD

2. BloggingWithBojana – about choices, life, politics and hell on the Earth #MUSTREAD

3. Ortensia72 – she is again in TOWN! With her nana, book, daughter and OhMyGoD – the cheating husband!!! #MUSTREAD

4. IndieBlue Blog – We Will Not Be Silenced: The Lived Experience of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Told Powerfully Through Poetry, Prose, Essay, and Art. #MUSTREAD

5. JackCollier7 Blog – …if you are still piddlef*ckin’ around without having a clear idea of what it is you really want to do with your life, this post is for you. #MUSTREAD

6. TheStoriesInBetween – River Dixon available NOW! prose and poetry #MUSTREAD

7. EarthWalking Blog – First FICTION Story should be scary, horrific and intriguing… #MUSTREAD

Next Post – “The Pearl Territory”, Chapter 2


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    • Thank you 🙂 Waiting for the holiday too! We need sun after this foggy dark weather!

  1. Any frank adult content is really being driven into the dungeons. Amazon isn’t much better. And try promoting anything – there are far fewer options.
    Anyway, I agree with alexraphael, Malaga is a great city for a break, especially at a cooler time of year, enjoy.

    • Yeah busy times. But exciting too. And good luck 🍀 for u too – never back/always ahead :))

  2. 😮 Google AdSense sending you emails like this is just plain wrong, where will we all be without writing steamy content and adult descriptive language? Are we looking at a future of only Politically Correct literature……………. I fear so. Well I <3 your steamy sexy sentences.

    • Thank you 🙂 if I won’t plan/organize- I’ll spend my free time eating & watching movies 😂

  3. I immediately ordered the book “How to grow a novel” lest I quickly forget. Being in the AM, without my morning Joe, I almost ordered “How to grow a navel” but I quickly corrected that error. Thanks.

    • A “navel” is probably more fun to read 🙂
      And really speedy order. U could do it after my post about the book – comes on Monday 🙂 but in any case you’ll find a lot of practical support & knowledge there

  4. Those who can’t o criticize… But Really AdSemse, you should have picked on me a long time ago if these are your standards

    • Hahaha Im kinda used to the ads because they r everywhere, but yes, blog life without them is more fun

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