I am Brolle

“Spacetime tells matter how to move; matter tells spacetime how to curve.” John Archibald Wheeler

My name is Brolle and I can bend spacetime. I was not always able to do this, or so I think… The special ability began to develop at some point while I was growing up. I had a strange life as a child, with lots of weird events constantly happening around me. It was then I began to realize – something wasn’t right. I constantly had problems being social. It got so bad that for a while I was not allowed at school, instead being taught at home by my grandma. Grandma! Do you hear me?

G. R. A. N. D. M. A

I remember kids screaming to my back: “Hey Brolle! Wont you come to the playground? Take your grannie with you!”

Now I realize the problems that always got me in trouble where most likely from this space-bending knowledge I had inside of me. I would throw a ball and it seemed to just go on its own path and curve right unto the guys I did not like. Or the girls I liked too much. ‘Ha! you did it on purpose,’ you’d say. I don’t know. Maybe. Back then, before meeting Mr Saadji, Mrs Johansson and class “Eleven”, I couldn’t control my powers so well. But I was willing to learn.

The easiest task is to bend objects: chairs I sit on, houses, roads, and sandwiches. I’m sure you can do it too! Try it…

Nom – nom. Easy, right?

To bend space or to get from one place to another – impossible task for a 14 year old child with little muscle strength. But I am Brolle – the one who CAN do it. And if this power is given to me, that means it is necessary – for the Earth, the world, science and humanity.

x x x

Class “Eleven” gave me some of the best experiences in my life.
I remember meeting Osa on my first day. “Weird buildings, right? I thought the same too when I first arrived” she’d said.
“I can read thoughts”, Osa revealed smugly, noticing my widening eyes.
“There’s only one antidote to my powers”, she continued. Osa was clearly very chatty, energetic Swedish girl.
“Silver?” I muttered, wondering if she was a dummy.
“Silver interrupts my telepathy, making the wearers thoughts difficult to read” she said scowling. “The class should help me to control it better”.
Osa became one of my best friends, but there were lots of other cool people around: George had a carbon body, hard as diamonds. Lily could fly to the Moon and back, Kimchi could become invisible, Erik could see energies, Loo could expand dimensions and Dulcinea… could control Life and Death.

Each night I slept with a smile on my face. Seemed I’d finally found my home.

x x x

One day Mrs Johansson called me aside.
“Brolle, you’re one of the most important members of Class Eleven. Your powers can be revolutionary,” she said, eyes bright with excitement. “If you’ll listen to me, I’d teach you how to bend space and move from place to place at the speed of light…”.

Wow, who doesn’t want to learn this?
Trip to Mars? Anyone?

By the coming months, I had blended well. I spent most of the time at the library, studying about DNA and mutations. Some evenings were spent at my home, playing ping-pong with Loise and Osa, while controlling the ball from the balcony upstairs.

I missed mum. I remembered that afternoon – she’d spotted me plucking flowers off the rose bush with my power of space-bending.
“Are you a demon?” she’d whispered, after rushing me inside and making sure we were away from ear shot.
“I don’t know” I replied, bursting into tears.
She hugged me.

But now she’s gone. There’s only me and my dad in this world. And, of course, my new friends. Thanks to them and Mr Saadji I’m able to be who I really am. 

x x x

Morning class was delayed. Something unusual seemed to be happening. Lots of men and women around, all wearing suits. I noticed Mr Saadji and a redhead chick discussing something in his office in hushed tones as I passed the window on my way to the car parking.

“What’s with all these people?” I asked Erik on the next day.
“Fuck off Brolle. I have a bad headache”. Erik was strangely mellow. “Some weird energy flowing around. Go figure.”
By 2 pm our class had still not resumed. Everyone lazed around. Erik remained in a somber mood. I saw a redhead chick carrying some files and decided bring some laughs to our class. With a snap of the finger, I’d tripped her. Files scattered everywhere, folks laughing. Even Erik chuckled. The woman gathered herself and her papers, leaving in embarrassment and anger. Soon, George (the youngest of us) brought a piece of paper. Must’ve fallen off. I joined the crowd of kids gathered around the document.

That was when we realized – Mr Saadji worked undercover for the US government… or at least leaked to them all info about “The Dulcinea Project”.

Next post – When things go wrong #2 


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16 Responses

  1. I’d like to read more.

  2. And you said my story was incredible, can’t wait to see what Brolle will do to Mr Saadji 🤨 Great story Victoria 😀

  3. Damn mutants!

  4. George F. says:

    Hey, this is wonderfully written. Great job, great first person POV–which you capture that youthful innocence beautifully–and I can’t wait to read more.

  5. Ooooooh seems like an interesting concept! I always like playing with timelines and the like. Awesome picture, too

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Glad you like it 🙂 i don’t have so much experience with changing/playing “timelines” but I’m trying 🙂

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