How to cultivate a healthy state of mind

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My voice is my most sacred power.
I use it only to express my inner truth.
“The Path Of Practice” 

You can’t expect life to be 100% obstacle-free, simply because you are cultivating positivity or walking around with “a ray of sunshine”-face.
Indeed sadness, frustration, anger and stress are often natural responses to the ordinary struggles of human life. So what you can do?

1. Take in positive impressions.
This can be a challenge as we are often ‘swimming’ in the sea of the negativity. Try to seek out uplifting and inspiring words, anything that makes you feel good, because harmonious and positive sounds (thoughts) gather in the various parts of the body. The 72,000 or so nadir (or the nerve channels through which prana/life force/ flows) that exist in the body are all vibration sensitive.
We function strictly through vibrational energy!
Therefore, good, positive sounds increase the vitality of our spirit/nerves/soul/life.

2. Release negative emotions.
Holding onto negativity is toxic. Do not eat yourself up and try to stay ‘crime-free’. Go punch some pillow instead…

3. Feel good about yourself and who you are.
Why? Because you are fkn awesome! Feed your soul with “how awesome” you are! Just tell the story until you’ll believe in it haha

4. Take time for rest and time to just be happy.
 Don’t forget some sunshine and fresh air daily.

5. Spend time in nature.
Take walks, garden, smell the flowers…ahhhh 🙂 Here’s the post of another blogger about the nature, check it out: 
Nature: The Healer
Visit a river, the ocean, a creek or a waterfall. The sound of the water is very calming for our soul.

6. Spend time in the silence, meditate, chant, or pray.

The Practice below for women only:

Yoni Mudra – Strengthening your Shakti-Prana
(to balance your hormonal system & rejuvenate your womb & womanly spirit)
Best time to practice: 3 days before the new moon and 3 days before the full moon
but you can practice any morning as well

Sit in a meditative posture and cup your hands together, palms facing up.
Cross your right pinkie finger over the left and fully extends the middle fingers to meet at the tips to form a pyramid shape. Cross the ring fingers behind the extended middle fingers and hold them down with the index fingers. Tuck in your thumbs to touch the bases of the middle fingers.
Hold this hand gesture for a minute or two
(if you can)
Ideal time: 5 minutes.

If your fingers are stiff, you may initially have some trouble with this complicated Mudra, but over time your fingers will become more flexible. Usually after a month or two.

Next post: Psycho-Logical Tale “Greed” – Thursday; Book Review – Saturday


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46 Responses

  1. Scarpoe says:


  2. doubledacres says:

    Wow. Blown away. Great writing and advice. Seems like folks can only handle the good things in their lives now days and when bad things happen they have a melt down. Here in the US television is filled with so much negativity and John Q Public spends hours drinking it all in. They don’t know how to shed the negativity in their lives. These folks need to read your post. Love it! A big thanks for mentioning my post

    • Thanks ✌️ and your posts about the power of the nature were great 🙂
      Yes, negativity is eating us up & we r allowing that.
      Tv & media r so “corrupt” nowadays, no surprise they r throwing all shit at us..

  3. Love this Ray. Right up my street 🙏🏽

  4. Great post with great suggestions. Number one is so important. A few years ago I decided to slowly eliminate negative people from my life. After that things began to change for me. Great advice.

  5. This ia amazing!! I love that you are willing to share with indiviuals how to overcome hegativly. Im all for it. Thanks for the share!!!!

  6. Probably best l leave dislocating my aged fingers to after I finish the book! There’s positivity for you! But knowing me I’ll be fiddling till I get it right (the fingers not the book!)

  7. Excellent advice! Sometimes we do have to “fake it till we make it”, for sure. And the water thing? Sitting by a lake or river for a few minutes has frequently helped me more than an hour of therapy. I need to write this on the wall because I forget it when I need it most.

    Actually, I might just print this entire post.

    Thanks, shoogah! 😘

  8. Reblogged this on The Oregon Influence and commented:
    Anything that helps you connect with some inner peace is a good read. And this is a talented writer, so read!

  9. Excellent advice, Ray.

  10. Great post. In fact I enjoy everything you post!

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. hjonasson says:

    I like the idea of getting sunshine, but that’s a bit difficult this time of year. How about settle back with a book, some wine and a fake-sun blue light? (Not as poetic I guess). 🙂

    • Yes, I’m living in the north country too, so we don’t see sun ☀️ often 🙂 but when I see – I’m trying to run out of my house to take a walk 🙂 😂 but of coz, it was in general. And book, wine & fake blue = magical as well :)) 👋👍💓

  13. Joy says:

    I love this post so much. I’m definitely going to be practicing the Yoni mudra starting today.

  14. chimdelu2 says:

    Beautiful information, these days i feel like am losing out😃😙

  15. *gazes at the mudra without blinking for a full minute* Righhhhttt. Are you sure you didn’t come up with this one just now? 😉 Have never seen anything like this. Need to count the moons and practice then…

  16. “Healthy state of mind” leads us to purgery by way of killing all desires, which is imposible.

  17. Love your post!!! So inspiring!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!! ❤️

  18. Jillian says:

    Great article!

  19. IYOUWE says:

    Thanks for the wisdom…need to work on #4… and light

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