Haiku ‘Sexting Nation’: part 3

Part 3 is ‘sms-conversation’ between a male and a female.
Her haikus are 5-7-5. His… – hm, decide yourself. 

I asked for the pic
Six hours ago. Something hot.
Damn, baby, you make me so hard.

You just turned me off.
This is a haiku. Two more
syllables to finish.

What are you doing, babe?
I will make you my slave and
Your haiku as well. Who is that by the way? Is she hot?

Taking your d”’k in

my dry cold hand and punish,
by removing the skin.

After that slowly
Inserting a haiku, yeah, 

In your brainless head.

And begin eating.
No, not your arrogant half-alive
c”’k, but a cookie.

That is awesome,
Seems you are really hungry today.
Just send me a pic. From behind.

I’m almost ready to drill you…
Or roll my tongue inside you. Or both.
As you wish. Just tell me.

It is an incredibly rocking experience,
Baby, those haikus. I knew you are crazy!

(Sends picture of the book)
Only if you will answer
Correctly – what is that.


(sends his own nude pic)
Is it a haiku? Love it babe,
But next time remove the clothes and make it wet. 

She doesn’t answer.

If you like I can finger
Your haiku as well and then,
After the org”sm, I can finally
Insert my already fuming animal
Inside of you, my princess. How is that?

Just great. Then I will
push you out of the bed SO
SO hard…you want no more. 

Ha – Ha! 
Hope it made you smile!

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