Genius of the Ancient World

Remember the post about W. Somerset Maugham? Life is there to be lived…
I’ve decided to check the Ancient World now.
I’m introducing Aesop today. 
His quotes:

a) “Those who cry the loudest are not always the ones who are hurt the most.”

b) “It is easy to be brave at a safe distance.”

c) “Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear.”

The rules are simple, as always:

  • Choose the author or philosopher (it should be one from the Ancient Time). Don’t know anyone? Google it lol It shouldn’t be so hard. 
  • Choose 3 quotes of this author/philosopher. The country of origin – doesn’t matter (Egypt, Greece…Italy). Add any info or explanation if you like. 
  • Share those quotes and nominate 3 to 6 people. 
  • Ops, that’s not obligatory. 
  • The title for the post? Choose something cool. I know you are smart enough.
  • Nominated are here:
  1. Apple Rae Idea Provoker Blog
  2. Rory Matier A Guy Called Bloke
  3. Denny The Ceaseless Reader Blog
  4. Megha’s World Wait (Micro Poetry)
  5. Sydney-Sider  Opinionating Blog
  6. Aarzoo  Aarzoo Rose Blog
  7. Reggie German From Private to Public
  8. Earth Walking World Blog Freedom Begins With Speech
  9. Kris Around The Korner

This is the warmest May in Sweden ( last time the hot May like this we had in XVIII century lol). I guess we had no any rain for 4 weeks or so, plus the temperature is always over +26C or 80F. 

The view of the day – Mariestad – Link if interested to read

Terrace of the day – home 

The present/ & the stone of the day – ‘morganite’ 

‘The lazy’ of the day – still Daisy 

The book of the day – sci-fi

Next Post, tomorrow – ‘Book Review’ 🙂 Stay Tuned! 


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    • Yep…actually cool book 🙂 it’s written like a different interviews, mixed with the main story.
      The government found diff parts of the body (made from the unknown metal, doesn’t exist on the Earth, at least not enough) …and they trying to put the body parts together to see where it will lead them to.
      Mmm, NASA, military, scientist and pilots involved. I’m on page 80 only. Started this morning

  1. These are some lovely quotes! I’ve always loved Aesop’s fables – so much of them have survived in our children’s stories today.

  2. Great quotes! Loved your pictures! Thanks for the tag. It is actually a very interesting activity. I am sure Im gonna enjoy writing it 🙂

    • Finished today too. Good one, I didn’t like some moments tho, and the ending as well. But I liked the idea, plot and styling 🙂 ✌️💙

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