Finish the Story – The Recruit – Part 13

Welcome to “Finish the Story” prompt, by Teresa. The idea is that Teresa gets things started and then tags another blogger to write the next section. Ortensia72 tagged me to write part 13. 

Here you can find the full story (all 12 parts in 1 place) – Ortensia72

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This story is about Adam, a tough guy who wears red heels and lipstick. He is probably looking after his Eve. Maybe the next blogger will help him… but right now – read my “powerful” piece.

Part 13

“Excuse me, man,” a metallic voice said. “Here’s your book. You dropped it last year.”
“Book? But I’ve never been here before.” Adam shook the book as if he was expecting a hundred green banknotes to fall from the pages.
The mechanical man gave him a fatherly smile. “I love your red heels. Bold move! My name is madA. madA Tzu. And yours?”
Adam looked around and answered, “Mmmm. Not sure anymore. But if you’ve got some weed – we’ll find out.”

They sat on the stone near Mission Church, smoking. Adam opened the book and began to laugh.
“Look, it is absolutely empty,” he said, after a pause.
The man did not move. Adam felt something touching his feet. It was the head of madA Tzu – stiff and cold. Adam pressed the joint into the head, looked up at the sky, sighed and then, almost in despair, glanced down, at the book.

The words appeared from nowhere. Adam knelt down to read:

“The hand of a human –
On the wheel of the Earth.
Extremely strong,
Yet, weak.
Shaking from the gravity pull,
Looking for higher purpose,
Travelling between the galaxies,
Deep in thought.
Admiring the layers of stars,
Spilling the dust of hate across the Milky Way…

Breaking lives, freeing poison.
Wishing to dig deeper,
to understand more.

“More” – what?
And why?

No war.
No enemy.
No end.
Only you.

Look around…
You are sitting by the grave.
Read damn words on the stone:

To continue or to finish 😂, I’m tagging this blogger: A. Shepherdson – uk

Hugs and enjoy your day… with or without red heels and lipstick!

Next post – “The Pearl Territory” (reminder 1-9)


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31 Responses

  1. I am glad that he is not wearing open toed shoes.

  2. Great addition 🙂

  3. I will make a visit 🙂 .

  4. 😮 Holy mother of God Victoria!!! You tagged me! 😀 (I’ll try my best)

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      I know you CAN do it & it will be fun 😜💙🕺

      • 😀 I’m reading Pt1-13 right now!! (Been a while since I responded to one of your challenges. Lol I’m up for it. 🙂 )

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        Haha well… I think ortensia & then Ray …turned the story a bit diff/unusual way 🙂 now cards in ur hands!

      • 😔Unlike your picture challenges Ray I’ve responded to in the past, I’m afraid I haven’t any ideas as to where I should take this tale next. Sorry 🙁

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        It’s fine. Then we’ll call it – “The End” 😂😂

      • I feel a little deflated Victoria, thanks for asking me 🙂 however I’ve book marked a several of your friends and have visited, so something good has come out of my ‘woosiness’. <3 <3

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        No problems at all 🙂 it should end some way or another:) so why not on #13? 😂😂🕺 anyway thank you ✌️

  5. Well done, Victoria Ray. BTW I’m half way through So Absurd. I’m loving it.

  6. Love the shoes! 🤣 Nice add to the story!

  7. ortensia says:

    I love it Vic, you always know how to spice up things😉

  8. ortensia says:

    I love it Vic, you always know how to spice up things😎

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      💙🕺 glad you like it…this is how it all ends: in red heels 👠

  9. Anonymous says:

    Red shoes ok, the legs no way!~!

  10. kinkyacres says:

    I’m off later to see the others, right now I have to recoup from the ‘red shoe’ picture!!

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