How all of us can achieve extraordinary things

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Based on the book “Peak. How all of us can achieve extraordinary things”, written by Anders Ericsson & Robert Pool.

“If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality. 
The world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always stayed focused on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts.”

Each of us has a dream. Each of us believes that he or she is special. And still, each of us is doubting if  we’ll ever going to make it, if  we’ll ever can achieve the level of:

-better human
-smarter PRO-fessional

Of course, when you are 12 or 17yo – you still have a tonne of time ahead of you, to fulfil any dreams and desires. But what if you are 65? Or maybe 100? Should you prepare the dress for the coffin or should you go out and change the world?

The book “Peak” is the book that truly can change #YOU. It can make your arse very extraordinary. All you have to do is to read 263 pages, and

 that is where the fun starts!

First of all, you have to understand that you ARE NOT BORN THAT WAY! You are the clay and you can become anything you want!

Yeah, you are going to tell me, many people take piano lessons, but only those with special gift become true great pianists and composers. According to this view, each of us is born with a set of fixed potentials. Some of us are geniuses, some of us are ‘broilers’ on the table of those geniuses.

But Anders Ericsson saying: Fuck that bullshit! The brain is adaptable in any age and there’s no such thing as a predefined ability! This is a game changer. Right? Because everybody can become a genius now! We can create our own potential!

The question: How do we do it? What works, what doesn’t and why?

A lot of books and people will tell you that you can improve your skills with a lot of practice. Hard work alone will lead you to your best performance. Cant write a shit? Start to write, work harder, write more and just keep working on it – you’ll GET THERE (=you’ll become the next Benjamin Franklin!).

And this is WRONG!

“You can’t achieve even ordinary shit with a such “approach”, – telling us the authors of the book. Why? Because you need to find “the right sort of practice” to achieve extraordinary YOU. And the most effective (or best!) way is “deliberate practice”.

This practice means you have to fry your arse on the hot oily pan in the Hell and scream how happy you are to everybody who’ll ask you “Hey buddy, how it goes?”

“Awesome! On the way to Guinness World Records!” – your answer.

How ‘practice’ works and what are the differences from “write more-write harder”?

The usual approach:

You practice. Every day. To become MR Awesome you need 10,000 hours of practicing. Count. Yeah. Right. If you’ll write 3 hours a day every day then 9 years from now you’ll be one “skilled” mfka. Oh, don’t forget: at some point everything becomes automatic, you stop improving and lose motivation. 

The deliberate practice:

1. Its purposeful: well-
 defined, specific goals.
2. Focused. You seldom
 improve much without

3. Feedback. Without it you cant figure out what you need to improve.

 The most important details of “deliberate practice‘ -> get outside your comfort zone step by step. Do it in a focused way, with clear goals, a plan for reaching those goals and a way to monitor your progress.


Scared that your motivation will slip away? Find a coach (advice from the author). Don’t have enough money for the coach? Then 3 hours a day 9 years! LOL Ok, just kidding. Just go read what Benjamin Franklin have done to become a great writer (it requires a lot of time, and if I remember well – we don’t have any time even for blogging. Gosh, I just hate this word -> “practice”. Why can’t we get those skills just by thinking about them? That would be an awesome approach!)

The book is filled with the stories of real people (businessmen, doctors, athletes), who achieved extraordinary skills in quite short time. That means we can do that too! We just have to stay focused some years…or so.

So how do you keep going?

That is perhaps the biggest question people face. Getting started is EASY, as anyone who visited a gym after New Year’s knows. You decide that you want to get in shape or learn to play guitar or pick up a new language, so you jump right in. It’s exciting. It’s energising.

Then after a while – REALITY hits!

It’s hard to find the time to work out or to play guitar, so you start missing sessions. You are also not improving as fast as you thought you would. It stops being fun. 

Sounds familiar?
We’ll never become extraordinary…

Eh. Anyway, the author wanna help us and suggest (with examples):

  • GOOD SLEEP. Ideally you should wake up by yourself and feel refreshed when you do. IF thats not the case, you might need to go to bed earlier. Expert performers (in any field of extraordinary) do 2 things: getting enough sleep and keeping healthy. If you are tired or sick, say ‘goodbye’ to becoming the Genius.
  • THE DESIRE. If you don’t have that desire (that keeps you motivated) – why are you practicing?
  • THE BELIEF that you can succeed. (there’s a story about childhood of the swedish athlete Gunder Hagg, who broke 15 world records, but I won’t tell you the story. Go read the book! Haha)
  • SOCIAL MOTIVATION (this is actually what we are doing here, on WP, we are motivating each other and we are looking for the admiration and approval of others).

At the end I’d like to say that the author really helped a lot of people. To achieve their dreams.

There’re no reasons not to follow your dream.
Open the door and become the Extra-Ordinary-YOU!

Something to think about: Don Pellmann – in 2015 became the first person 100 yo or older to run 100 meters in less than 27 seconds. I mean, what is your excuse?


Next post – Psycho – Logical Tale “Freedom”, Saturday 


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62 Responses

  1. Got to say having had the privilege of meeting more than one – genius is a state of mind beyond the practiced competent – it can’t be trained or taught – a genius just is. I’d put the hours into music, athletics and most of all science – musical ability mediocre, middle distance runner not bad, scientist, international reputation, yet still well behind the stars. And now at 60 plus I find writing comes easy, and I think I know why, it’s a state of mind, unpracticed, untaught, it’s simply being me.

    • I don’t know…I believe u of coz 🙂 but I think with a right kind of practice we can achieve a lot, even if in the beginning we don’t have those skills…we can build it. The dream. The genius. But we have to want it (crazy!) & we have to stay focused from the beginning to the end(which is REALLY DIFFICULT) :))

  2. Akarsh_dm says:

    Very inspiring and pragmatic keys to achieve dream.

    • Yes thanks 🙂 the author worked many years with the practice he described in the book (its a part o cognitive psychology as well) …I believe it is possible 🙂 to become genius ✌️😉

  3. iScriblr says:

    Beautifully penned! Super inspiring! 🙂

  4. Excellent advice on achieving a dream, Ray.

  5. I honestly loved this review and I so agree with the book. Hard work cannot achieve u everything. U have to be smart as well.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. FANTASTIC post! Sleep, believe, practice, and motivation!

  8. Syed Danish says:

    Yeah !! There is no destination without dream 😊

  9. Sounds like an inspiring book! “You are the clay and you can become anything you want!” ✨✨

  10. Nice reading this… Much needed during exam time… 😎
    Good day… ✌

  11. Beautiful article as usual!

  12. U have a beautiful blog. Keep going…

  13. Definitely an uplifting post! It is key to never giving up striving for greatness! Even if we don’t become the next “Bajamin Franklin” or “Mozart” we can always be a better person than we were yesterday. If we give up we will never improve at all.

  14. InspiresN says:

    Wonderful motivating post. I love the “The brain is adaptable in any age and there’s no such thing as a predefined ability!” and the summarized points at the end of the post to becoming extraordinary – sleep, desire,belief and social motivation.Well done Ray!

  15. Wow, this is such a detailed post reviewing the book. I mean, I don’t need to read the book anymore. Feel sorry for the author LOL.
    But thank you for this.
    The difference between the usual and the deliberate is so to the point.
    For someone going through a hard phase, this post is just Gold.
    Thanks Ray 🙂

    • yeah, I guess I have to call my reviews – spoilers lol but 1. it is not the review, but mostly an essay about the book or ‘after-reading’; and 2. I’m trying to awake some interest in ppl who’s looking for the book or info like this lol
      But tho u r right 🙂
      as I said in my menu (about reviews), they r 50% fictional and 50% reviews :))

  16. Wonderful.. nice words… 🖤

  17. The older I get, the more I realise just how adaptable we are. Learning new skills, adapting lifestyle changes is a constant fluid state. 😊

  18. Thanks    for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

  19. doubledacres says:

    Thanks for sharing another “gem” with us. I love the “Do not try harder, try differently”.

  20. Buffy Devane says:

    I have just one thing to say about this post:


    That is all. 😉