Dream up a book on Monday, publish it on Friday…

Where are you going on vacation?”
“Nowhere. I’m going to read. I love reading. 
Marjane Satrapi

I have some news to share.

  1. My Goodread’s challenge for 2019 is complete. That means I’m leaving Goodreads for a while. I’m planning to spend all my free time writing and living (= having fun). It’s summer, after all! 💃😜
  2. I ordered a promotional video for Dulcinea and The Death Code (length – 1 min), and I’m planning to add it to different book blogs/websites (as a banner). And, of course, on my Amazon page: btw, the book is free for 3 more days. 🕺📚
  3. I wanted to change the cover for So Absurd It Must Be True, book #1. BUT maybe I’ll leave it as it is; I don’t want to confuse the readers! Probably, the egg-cover will be used for book #2 (February 2020). 


  • Damn Ray Reviews: 40 books in your pocket (ebook only) is available for pre-order on Amazon  – 0,99, and scheduled for August 9, 2019. Paperback will be available in the middle of August. I’ll post the table of contents next week.
  • I’m trying to write 1500-2000 words everyday. Let’s see if it lasts and for how long, ha ha. What about you?
  • I just found out 😲😮 that there’s some kind of law in Sweden (for independent authors as well) -> to send each printed + electronic book (1 copy) to 7 libraries in Sweden. Yay! Kinda cool law 😜🕺📚

Ray’s message of the day (for you, writing souls): Cut through the noise, detach yourself from all unnecessary stress. Tap into your authenticity and share your passion!

No matter how strong you are, you cannot hold open the jaws of a great-white shark with your bare hands… but that can do your brain. Ivan Stoikov

Next post -> see you 23 June, “The Pearl Territory”, ch 12 #dialogue 


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27 Responses

  1. Hyperion says:

    You are a writing and reading phenomena Ray. I get dizzy thinking about how creative you are. I must confess, I can’t keep up, but I sure do like trying. 😁

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Thank you 🙂 I think I’m getting dizzy as well, so I’ll take a break haha
      I’ll check your next chapter today ✌️👋 I need some historical (steamy) inspiration 👸💃💃🕷💣💣⚔️⛓

  2. librepaley says:

    Great achievement on the Goodreads goal, even better reward in travel. The Swedish library scheme sounds fun – Though think mine would be propping a wobbly table!

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      yes, I think I’ll have 100 book by the end of the year (at least), but my goal was 70 (Goodreads). Travel will be fun, because I’m going with 2 young girls and then my husband …😂 I don’t know how it works with the libraries yet. I sent the question/email to the library in Stockholm, but there was nothing about the genre. It should be fiction or nonfiction (thats all I know so far).

  3. I love Swedish legal system.
    Writing and living seems perfect to me. Have fun.

    • Victoria Ray NB says:

      Real fun starts 2 weeks from now. Until that – a little bit of suffering …😅

      • Tell us all about it….or at least bits and pieces.

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        Suffering bcz I have to finish editing of the “reviews book” & send to editor/proofread before 2 July. And plus I’m writing & posting “Pearl” without any plot/plan…so I’m kinda loosing my grip (or so I feel) with all those dates & names 😂😂 I think I have 35-36 heroes now…
        That’s why I’m waiting for the fun-part. When all I’ll do – beach, book & food

      • I thought the fun part was vacation.

      • Victoria Ray NB says:

        Yep, it should be 🙂

  4. Enjoy the writing and living, Victoria Ray. I think you’ve earned it. I write 1000 words a day seven days a week.

  5. alexraphael says:

    What a cover!!!!!!

  6. kinkyacres says:

    I think you live in a great country! Libraries = young and older minds seeking knowledge!

  7. Jina Bazzar says:

    I wish that was an international law covering every writer in the world. Great achievements!

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