“Discovery”, 18+ 

Place: Village “NoBodyCanSaveYou”

Mr Discovery – unemployed
Mr Schwartz StuckInGear – curious neighbour
Mr OneMoreTime – golf lover
Mrs VastCockCrash – his wife
Mr DisastrousWrap – Japanese tourist
Ms EasyTunnelOfLove – horny alien
Mrs IncrediblySmelly – old woman

x x x

Mr. Discovery lived a quiet life in a small village called “NobodyCanSaveYou”, twenty minutes from the biggest golf course in the country.
Although he hated:

  • golf
  • shopping
  • old women
  • cats, dogs, bugs, children
  • his neighbours
  • and many other things,

he loved his 3*4 yard. A perfect slice of peace and relaxation where he spends most of his time. Sometimes, his friend and neighbour, Mr StuckInGear, walked a little bit too close to the edge of Mr Discover’s backyard; but our hero enjoyed being watched.

x x x

Mr Discovery sat on the chair looking at the lovely view of the strong woman in a black bathing costume; it was Mrs VastCockCrash. She had moved in only a week ago and, Mr Discovery dreamed of introducing himself to the lady, but yesterday he found out that she was married to a crazy golfer, Mr OneMoreTime.

Despite all that, Mr Discovery spends at least 15 hours a day watching them – right on the kitchen floor, only 2 meters from his bedroom window. What was happening on that kitchen floor was far beyond his experience and comfort zone. But at least Mr Discovery had a good reason to hate her husband now. Mr StuckInGear was the next on his “hate-bucket-list”. Why? Just ‘because’.

By the way, do you have a “hate-bucket-list”? If no, what are you waiting for? Make a resolution for the next year. It is also easily achievable.

x x x

The leaves on the grass had a dirty grey color after the steamy action of two naughty cats. The cats lived in the house of Mrs IncrediblySmelly… and yes, you are right, Mr Discovery hated her as well. Satisfied with his environment, Mr Discovery slowly sipped on Japanese tea “Yamecha”, from the Yame region of Fukuoka. With lime and a bit honey. 

Suddenly, he heard a sweet young voice from the ground: “I’m having trouble piling old leaves all over my body. I was wondering if you’d be willing to help me.”
“Who is talking?” asked a shocked Mr Discovery.

Under the wet sticky mess was lying the glowing, naked body of a beautiful young lady. She was absolutely purple. But who cares about the color when you see a pair of the naughty breasts.

Things like that don’t actually happen in real life, you’d say.


In flesh and blood, offering Mr Discovery a strong shot of hard-on for his tired old hormones.

The desire arrived in the full force!

“Shit, this thing has a mind of its own,” said Mr Discovery, looking at the sugar-lady in amusement, totally forgetting about the next-door-dream-girl, Mrs VastCockCrash.

x x x

Mr OneMoreTime was very busy. 
Busy watching how his Ping G400 Fairway Wood disappear inside of the warm mouth of his wife. A trail of a potato salad drubbed down from his tongue. Mrs VastCockCrash stopped sucking the side of a club, gazed up at her husband and then deep-throated the whole metallic thing.

Hybrid mouth.
One of the strongest and flexible in the world!

“That feels good!” the husband looked down, and then continued to chew his lunch.
“I am the best,” said Mrs VastCockCrush, while wrapping her delicate mouth around his weak steel.

x x x

Mrs IncrediblySmelly usually took her walks very close to Mr StuckInGear’s house which was about 35 millimetres from the windows. The old lady loved Mr StuckInGear because he was always very polite and in a good mood. “Why is such a perfect man living alone?” – asked herself Mrs IncrediblySmelly, pressing her hips towards the door of Mr StuckInGear.
She couldn’t believe her eyes. Mr StuckInGear, dressed in a red bra, provided a sexual service to the quite athletic male body. Right there – on a doormat.

“Let me get on top,” whispered the unknown voice.
“Shit, we are not alone anymore.” – Mr StuckInGear bit his lip, concentrating on the facial expression of Mrs IncrediblySmelly.
“You do keep it in good shape; your gear,” – angrily noticing the old lady.
“We are just studying,” answered the weak voice of Mr StuckInGear.
“Right. Japanese language. I am a teacher, hajimimashite,” said Mr DisastrousWrap, while holding in his hands, a hard rock ‘end’ of the naked Mr StuckInGear.

x x x

Mr Discovery was in heaven, or as close as he could get. What a wonderful Sunday! A perfect day to discover how it feels – the sensation of female skin on your moustache.

“I am going to f@ck that!” He thought.
The brave decision sent waves of pleasure along his body.
“What’s your name, young lady?” – Mr Discovery asked the woman.
Ms EasyTunnelOfLove” – she said.
“Why are you here?” – he enjoyed the view of her purple breasts.
“What’s wrong with being here?”
“Nothing.“ Mr Discovery never got the courage to engage in question-answer activities. At least not with hot naked ladies.
“I am from the Easy Tunnel Planet. I am an alien.”
“I don’t mind. It’s my birthday’ Mr Discovery lied.
“The smell of your tea makes me wet…” – lady-alien grabbed a hot cup of tea, clenching it between her legs. Mr Discovery could feel the rising heat.

“That’s why I love Sundays’” he growled and gasped in excitement. “And purple.”
As he began sliding his stretchy underwear down the hips, he realized that he wasn’t hard enough. Not yet. Strange.

“Mmmm. Seems like everyone have a birthday on this planet,” – thought Ms EasyTunnelOfLove, shacked from a pleasure of seeing bright explosion under the bed. Smooth hairless golf balls forced her to get down on her knees and say “Hi!” to Mr OneMoreTime, who was hiding there.

x x x

Mr Discovery pulled out his sword of love (or whatever it was) out of the tight purple lips.
“I am jealous of the experience you just had, Discovery”, said Mr OneMoreTime, smiling.
“For the record, I am not tired at all” winked Ms EasyTunnelOfLove.
“Be patient and, you’ll get there, Mr OneMoreTime” – Mr Discovery wanted to show who is the Boss. He turned to close the window.

Enough unexpected guests!

Mr Discovery thought that nothing sexual would ever occur in such a short period of time. BUT…

x x x

The rest of the night passed by watching the full-time job performed by Ms EasyTunnelOfLove on the body of Mr OneMoreTime. The final explosive climax of the story was reached when Mrs VastCockCrush arrived at the door with the iron club, “Ping G400 Max Driver”. The festivities in the bedroom of Mr Discovery continued during the week though.

I think Mrs IncrediblySmelly filmed the whole thing and is going to upload it to her FB page next week. Do you want to see it?

Next post – “There’s no planet M” (about Mars) 
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  1. Excellent job my dear. I was hoping that Mr. Discovery was going to give Mrs. VastCockCrush some badly needed 2 ball lotion for here dry skin. Maybe next time.

  2. Is hysterical romance a genre? It should be and you Mme VR are the literary standard that every writer in this entertaining world you have created should follow. In fact, I am learning excellent writing technique from you. I can’t wait to give it a try.

    • Lol 😂 it’s fine u should use the technique on ur texts 🙂 would be fun to read it…
      hysterical romance – sooooo me 🙂 only in writing tho.. & thank you 😂

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