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Discover Challenges

Pick any challenge bellow – read the rules – write your post – pingback (link to the post URL). I’m personally reading each pingback and comment on the post as well. The new  challenges – added at the end.

  1.  19th-century writers
  2. Genius Of The Ancient World
  3. My Day In Pictures – the rules at the end of the post
  4. The Unknown Writer
  5. ‘Spin a Story’ Challenge 
  6. The Stalking Challenge
  7. One Day With A Star!
  8. Fear The Fear Challenge
  9. Best Detectives Of All Time
  10. Famous Couples From The Past
  11. ‘World Map’ Challenge
  12. Being a Cat Challenge
  13. Mystery Challenge
  14. 8 things to know before knocking on my door
  15. My life in percentage 
  16. Psychic Hearing
  17. Shinrin Yoku – challenge

I’m going to add 1 challenge each week 😁✌ Have fun!

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