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Something dark stood in the corner of the house. My wonderful, warm and cozy friend – Death. Always has a story to tell, and today was no different…

10 pm. We sat and sipped on the tea.
“Why did you take interest in the murder of Nick?” I asked.
Matt didn’t expect that, but this time around, he had an answer. “I saw you leave his house that night with blood on your arms.”
He paused for a moment before continuing. “I see an innocent soul in you, Kape, and I feel that I might need to protect you…from yourself.”
Matt’s scar gleamed in the moonlight.
“Do you still have your flashbacks, Kape?” he asked.
“No, not so frequently…”
“Let me fix it,” and he left the room.

x x x

Cosi va’l mondo! That’s the way the cookie crumbles…

“What really happened that night? Why did I kill Nick?”

I wasn’t sure if I did. I glanced at the corner of the room. The minstrel of death played softly, this time with a wide grin on his face. I needed to devise a plan. Quickly.

“Should I run?”
“Where do I go?”
“I can’t stay with aunt Jane anymore.”

A rattle on the door.
“Damn! Try to act normal!” I said to myself.
Matt came in, dropped his empty backpack on the floor and gave me a side eye.
“Are you prepared to meet your Nick? Just do me a favour, Kape! Shiver, please, because Nick never did.” He smiled.
“What’s go-ing-on…” I stammered.
“Open that black oak box on the table,” he commanded.
I walked slowly toward the box. Within it I found an old photo, dated 1765. I recognized my own handwriting: 

“Kape Weiss, 28 years old, Dresden.”

The photo sent a shiver down my spine.
“What a charming shaking, darling!” were the last words I heard.

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