Dare to desire, dare to do…

“Even a brick wants to be something.
A brick wants to be something.
It aspires. 

Even a common, ordinary brick…
wants to be something more than it is.
It wants to be something better than it is.”
Louis Kahn

But we are better than a common, ordinary brick. We have two eyes, two legs, two hands and an awesome brain. So let’s move ahead, let’s change and let’s remember that nobody but YOU have to believe to make your dreams reality. 


I prefer to work (or write) in a small ‘chunks’. That means – 500 – 1500 words a day. I can also write 2000, but very seldom. 

That’s why I decided to open 2 new segments (as help to finish my novels):

  1. The Pearl Territory (if you do not remember, the story about the planet called ‘Pearl’ )
  2. The Dulcinea Project ( #YA romance-adventure-fantasy novel – finally sending to editor/writer to fix my text)
  3. About Luke Copyright’s Blog. Oh. He just died. I’ll post my absurd short stories there. Haha
  4. Cool Prompts and Challenges all in ONE segment on my page now. 

My plan:

I’m going to write and post the chapters of “The Pearl Territory” one by one. I’m going to edit it later next year when the story will be fully finished. Then – publish it. 

“The Dulcinea Project” – hopefully will be fully edited and ready for the publishing journey in January 2019.

I’m also moving to Business Plan on WordPress, from December. It will allow me to change the blog as I wish, because I’ll get more plugins and can install new themes.

Right now:

  1. I’ll to continue to post my Seriously Funny Book Reviews. I know you love them! 😂
  2. I’m planning to blog Senruy/Haiku time to time, because its easy to write, short and fun. 
  3. My PLAN for a WEEK you can find on ‘About Ray’ page now. 
  4. ‘The Pearl Territory” page: the main goal to collect all the links/or posts of the story. So if you are a new follower (or the old one) you can find the whole story in one place.
    ‘The Pearl Territory’ is a mix of “Private Journals” and “Dialogues”-chapters.
    Genre – sci-fi. 

Attention! Sometimes Ray do not post much, sometimes Ray post a lot during the week. It’s depends on the inspiration, planning and mood. 

We’re not consistent.
We’re not stable.
We don’t stick with anything.
Most of the time we can’t even make decisions.
We’re humans.

  1.  A sad, true, but great poem –   Massacre
  2. A conversation with the author Mike Wells on GJ Stevens Blog – GJStevens Blog
  3. K E Garland with her Monday Notes. My personal advice to read no matter what. I really love this segment and her blog – K E Garland Blog
  4. What can I say? Working toilets make her happy today. And every day! Yo! – BitchinInTheKitchen
  5. Dentists and Pain are synonyms, says – FracturedFaithBlog
  6. Botanic Garden (photo-trip) – WakingUponTheWrongSideOf50
  7. Beautiful quotes, beautiful photography – Tom Schultz – SpiritInPolitics Blog
  8. What is ‘Sirdom’ and do you have to fight it? I wasn’t much a reader lately there, but I’ll come over ☕️ – EarthWalkingBlog  

Have a great day ahead! 
And dare to desire, dare to do…

My next post – Book Review, expect during weekends


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Living in Sweden. Awesome. Happy. Writing. Ayurvedic food. Healthy lifestyle. Dogs. Literature. Drawing. Meditation/Yoga.

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  1. It yk seemed like a 2 minute 50 news kinda form🙌🙌🙈🙈
    One thing I’ll be excited about is the Haiku and I’ll wait for it 😊😊and also I wanna know that why not buy domains and hosting from other sites like Blue Hosting, Go Daddy or Hostgator?

  2. I should probably say this more often but I am always gripped and interested and nodding in agreement when I read you!
    Hope you’re well ❤️

    • Thank you lots! Appreciate it 🕺🤓👋
      Yes everything is fine… my dog have a surgery at the end of the month. But I believe she’ll be fine bcz she is very active & eating as usual.
      My house & work is fine.
      My family & relatives r ok too.
      Mmmm, what else? My blog is fun lol and my followers are awesome!
      Hugs 🤗

  3. RNB,

    Welp, as long as Ray is still doing her thang . . it’s all disco to me.

    Good luck with the new format/new look . . . it’s all good, seeing as how it’s going to provide the same righteous vibe and funky beat.


    • Thank u 😇😀
      I’m not sure when I’ll get to change RNB look but I’ll try my non-tech-knowledge-best 🙂
      Btw how r you with the new editor – Gutenberg? Lots of mess bcz of it on Wp (as I read)

      • Coo.

        As for Gutenberg, I prefer the classic look for many reasons. I get the idea, to streamline and open it up, but I am a creature of habit.

    • Oh I don’t know it works for me, but maybe bcz I changed my premium Wp to business Wp plan & then I changed theme as well (yesterday), but I got back to the old one again, at least for now 🙂 anyway, just move on…read another post 🙂 maybe some other day it will work as it should :/

      • Nope, I don’t have advertisements on my blog right now. From my previous I made about 50 $ (more than 6 months of Words Ads on my blog) but i’ll get paid only when it will be 100$ (that’s Wp rules) and I switched them/advertising/off for a bit (last week). Need huge traffic to make money. Idk maybe I’ll go with AdSense but my theme is not really optimized for that.

      • Good luck with whatever you decide.
        I’m looking forward to your book. 🙂
        Except that I won’t be able to read it because I’m studying hard. 🙁

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